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Thursday, December 24, 2009

God Jul!

That's Norwegian for Merry Christmas. I'm finally ready. We finished packing up the last parcels at 10pm last night. an hour later Simon's sister and her husband arrived after driving down from Scotland.

This morning we started the day with a proper English Breakfast. simon cooked eggs, bacon (I don't like bacon), sauages and toast and we had a leisurely breakfast. Then Ipopped into town to get a couple of things. Town was mad, crowds everywhere. After than I went to a friend to drop of some presents and stayed for a chat. When I got home Simon and hte girls went out to meet his sister and her family. They were all off for a walk. As I've got a bad cold and I'm tired I decided to stay home and relax. I've done some knitting, cleared up hte kitchen (Vanessa quickly mixed up a Madeira cake before they left) and I've done some computer work. I prepared all the veg and potatoes for tomorrow this morning so I can relax for hte rest of the afternoon and this evening. All I've got to do is write some Christmas cards and deliver them to the neighbours.

I've taken some pictures of our Christmas decorations. Here's the tree with some presents underneath it:
A Santa door stopper (Sam's baket is next to it):
Father Christmas which a friend of my grandma's made years ago:
Two little 'shelfsitters' to brighten up hte hallway:
And a Christmas decoration from Norway:
We've got a few other bits and pieces too and I'm pleased with how the house looks. I've got my grandma's crocheted lace doilies and table runners on the table, some lovely decorations around the place and the house is tidyer than it's been for years. Everything is under control and I can relax. Apart from those Christmas cards.... Better go and do those then I'll do some more knitting.
Tomorrow we're off to church in the morning. I love going ot church on Christmas Day (or Eve if we're in Norway). I used ot like going ot church at Christmas even before I became a Christian but now it's very important for me to remember the real reason we're celebrating CHRISTmas. It's so easy to forget that in all the stress, cooking, shopping and cleaning in the run up for Christmas. But the reason we do all this is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was born to be the perfect sacrifice for OUR sins so that we can have eternity in heaven with God. If you don't already know Jesus then I pray that this will be the Christmas you get to know Him.
Have a fantastic Christmas!

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Tama said...

Merry Christmas Anni!