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Friday, October 02, 2009

Knitting on the beach and rain in Spain

I promised more beach pics. This is our favorite beach, Loz Alcazares on Mar Menor. When we first went to Spain 6-7 years ago it was mainly Spanish people on hte beach but more Northern Europeans have discovered this gem now. However this time it was mainly Spanish retired people there. They turned up, stood out in the water chatting to their friends and went home about 2pm. Not a bad life.
These pics were taken when we first turned up about 10am. It did get a little busier in the middle of the day.

One great thing about this beach is that it's close to Murcia airport. As far as we can work out this is the base for the Spanis version of 'The Red Arrows' and we often see them practice above Mar Menor.And I did some knitting too. This is the Footloose sock in progress on the last day.
And here I'm working on Colosseum at Loz Alcazares.
It wasn't all sunshine. We had something we've never really experienced in Spain before. We had some rain. Being used to a lot of rain. In Cornwall it can rain for days and weeks on end and yes it does flood sometimes but we can get a lot of rain before it floods. However in Spain we had 2 days of rain and on the 2nd day the road outside our complex looked like this. We waded across the road to the shopping sentre, seen on the right in the photo below, to use the internet cafe and on the way back the current was so strong I nearly fell. it was really a river running down the street.

These pics are all taken outside the main gates to hte complex we stayed on.

This river is normally completely dry. It's the first time we've seen water there.

That's enough holiday pics. I have been on a finishing streak since we came home. This morning I finished the Silver shawl. I'll be blocking it later today. It didn't turn out quite as big as I'd hoped but hopefully it'll grow in blocking. I'm back to working on the Footloose sock and have picked up for the gussett now. I'm hoping to finish it today. Some yarn arrived this morning for a new secret garment so I need to get that on the needles this weekend.
I've been dyeing yarn today. Some Silky Merino Lace, ready for a project that's appearing in Let's Knit in a week or two. And I've dyed some more Fantasy sock yarn. I may list some Fantasty sock yarn later today. And there will be a bigger update on Monday.
I've listed some of hte remaining sales yarns in a 'Reduced to clear' section of the shop and I've reduced some of the yarns even further so check out the bargains. Just realised the time. I'd better get some lunch as my friend Clare is coming in about half an hour.
Have a great weekend.


Tama said...

Wow! The beach there is really beautiful.

I have lived in a couple of places where the roads will flood like that. (If you go back in my blog to summer of 2007 or 2008 there are pictures of the road like that right in front of my house) And I have lived in Washington State where it rains 360 days a year and never floods. Glad you didn't fall down and get swept away :o)

Piecepatcher said...

well you had an interesting time, didn't you?
the pics are wonderful.
So is the knitting.