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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Home again!

We're back from Spain and we had a fantastic time. It was just so relaxing, just Simon and me. The weather was great, most of the time - more on that later! We spent lots of time on some gorgeous relaxing beaches, did some sightseeing, had a couple of meals out and just relaxed. Simon did almost all the cooking. I cooked two meals. Or rather I cooked one and prepared (ie put prawns in a bowl, cut the bread and set the table) another one.
We had prawns two evenigns. We bought fresh prawns, fresh, rustic white bread, mayo and a bottle of white wine. Ate it outside on the balcony. Perfect! Prawns are my favorite.
I did lots of knitting. I brought the silver shawl with me and it's gone from this to this. Not long before it's finished now.
I finished this shrug which is knitted in my Glorious Sock Yarn.
I finished the Colosseum socks for Simon (picture taken on the roof terrace in Spain on our last day).
I started the 2nd Footloose sock, which are for me. And I got past the heel. Just got to pick up for the gussett next.On the plane home I knitted this mobile phone sock in left over yarn from the Colosseum socks. I've just got to put some elastic in the top and fold over the hem and sew it up.
And I started a cardi for Simon. It's Debbie Bliss design from the Knitting Collecting and I'm knitting it in King Cole Merino blend dk, which I picked up from Spin A Yarn on the way to the airport on the day we left.
I also finished a little cashmere project which is currently blocking and will be posted to a magazine editor tomorrow, so no pics of that. But I loved knitting it and felt a little sad that it's finished.

I feel so relaxed now. The week before we left is just a blur. It was an incredibly stressful week and I'm determined not to get in to that kind of state again.

At the moment I'm waiting for yarn to arrive for 3 garments for different magazines so I've got enough to keep me busy. I'm doing 4 garments for mags before Christmas and some have deadlines in November. I'm also doing a few small projects so I'm not sure when I'll be finishing Simon's cardi. I'm aiming for Christmas time but we'll see.

The weather was a bit mixed. The first day we went shopping in the morning and spent the day by the pool. The first Sunday, we went to a very lively AOG church in the morning then headed for the beach at Los Alcazares at Mar Menor. A little cloudy but look how empty the beach was. Mar Menor is a salt water lagoon separated from the Med by the thin strip of land called La Manga which is full of highrise hotels. Mar Menor is lovely and very warm, a few degrees warmer than the med and therefore perfect for a wimp like me who hates cold water. This is one of our favorite beaches.
Another one of our favorite beaches is in the Calblanque Nature Reserve (not sure if I spelled that right). It's near La Manga but it's on the Med. Unfortunately we coudn't quite remember how to get there and turned off the main road too early and ended up on a big detour through a town called La Union. We eventually found the beach and was rewarded with this:
Another one of our favorite beaches and it never gets very busy.

We had some fantastic days in hte middle of the holiday and I'll show you more pics and talk more aobut that tomorrow. I'm a bit worried aobut this post becoming a bit picture heavy and moving pics around the post on our new lap top is driving me mad. Before I could cut and paste pics to put them in the right place in the post but since we changed computers I'm having to click and drag and it's so slow and is driving me mad. So come back tomorrow for more beaches, a air acrobatics display, terrential rain and flodding (ie main road turning into a river), and some beach knitting.

I'm off to do some more rows on the silver shawl before I go to pick Vanessa up.


Tama said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip! The beach and knitting, what a great time.

pendie said...

What pattern did you use for the shrug; it's gorgeous!

ashley said...

I would also love the shrug pattern- was it difficult?
i am looking for patterns that are not too hard- i have been knitting in garter stitch for years :)