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Saturday, October 31, 2009


I went on a fused glass and dichroic jewellery workshop yesterday. It was hard work but great fun. Not at all good for my back and neck though. I don't think I could consider adding this as a hobby although I loved it. And if someone gave me a kiln I'd be tempted to give it a go. we managed to make several pieces of jewellery. I don't think mine were the most successful ones. There were some talented people there.

This is my first piece which I turned into a brooch.
My next two pieces the girls loved so I let them keep them. We turned them into necklaces. I'll have to retrieve them at some point over the weekend to take photos.

I then decided I'd try to make a bracelet. I wasn't very good at cutting the pieces of glass. And trying to cut 6 or 7 pieces of identical size glass was beyond me so I decided to go for different sizes. I did make one more piece but forgot to take it home with me. It was rather difficult when the pieces came out of the kiln as several of us struggled to recognise our own pieces. I did recognise other people's pieces but I couldn't remember some of my own.

Anyway, heres the bracelet:
I'm a little concerned the pieces is a little big but I've got big wrists so it may work okay.

Here's my favorite and most succesful piece. I'll keep this one for myself.
And here are my failures:The were supposed to be for the girls but the blue one failed completely and the pink one I used a silver paper heart on pink stone which I shoudn't have done apparently.

I finally managed to get some pics of my Luscious Lace tuck stitch scarf and Handmaiden Seasilk moebious. The weather was very grey so the lighting was exceptionally bad.

this is the Luscious Lace scarf. I used 2 skeins although I'd used a tiny bit of it before so it wasn't two full skeins. it was extremely quick to knit and I love the resulting fabric. It's light and soft and luxurious. I blocked it like I do with my lace items.

And here is the moebious scarf in Handmaiden Seasilk. I'm not 100% happy with this. Not sure if it's too wide or too short or what but the moebious twist doesn't seem to work very well. It doesn't drape properly. But the yarn was gorgeous and has been in my stash for ages. Not sure why I bought this colour as it's not 'my' colour. The machine loved Seasilk too.
Tonight is Halloween. We're not big halloween fans. Our church is generally very against halloween. I'm not sure that my reasons for not liking halloween is for Christian reasons. I think most kids do trick or treating as a bit of an excuse to dress up and beg for sweets. Which is whyI hate it. Where we live we get a huge number of 'trick or treaters' and I don't mind the little kids who look cute and turn up with thier parensts. What I don't like are the older kids and teens who go around on their own and are incredibly rude and unpleasant. One year some kids demanded money when we said we'd run out of sweets. They were then rather rude when Simon said no. Basically it's an evening of the dog barking like mad every time someone knocks on the door. Opening the door and handing out sweets to rude kids. We've tried turning the lights off and closing the curtains and sitting here in the dark but they still knock on the door.

So now we normally go out. Our family tradition is to take the girls to the cinema. This year their grandparents wanted to take them to an event which involves a bonfire, a Meatloaf concert (I expect it's not the real 'Meatloaf') and fireworks. So Simon and I have got a night to ourselves. We've decided to go to the cinema but struggled to find a film to watch. Most of them are halloween themed or scary or kids films. None of which I like.

So now to my next decision. I need to take some knitting. My current secret project is not suitable for cinema knitting. I can carry on with my plain sock but I kind of fancy starting a new scarf in Manos Silk Blend. So I'm off upstairs to wind the yarn and do a quick swatch so I can cast on before we go to the cinema. I've got some gorgeous colours of Silk Blend in my stash. Now, which colours shall I choose?

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psalm127 said...

We don't celebrate either. Dave wanted to take the family out to dinner this year but the waiters and waitess were dressed up and scared my 2 1/2 year old. We leave the lights off and watch a movie. It doesn't bother me to ignor the door but it drives my husband crazy. lol