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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bits & pieces

Here's the necklace I made for Emily on Friday:
and the one I made for Vanessa:
The girls have been wearing them a lot over the weekend so they must like them. I showed my jewellery work to a friend this morning and she was impressed too.
I went back to the gym this morning. Not been since before Spain. I felt okay while I was working out but have been suffering this afternoon. my neck is very sore and stiff and I've got a headache. May not be cause of the gym but I think it is. Once I get back into it hopefully it'll be okay.
I've managed to list a few more yarns today. I found some in my workroom which I thought were already listed in the shop but it turned out they weren't. So a few more Silky Merino skeins have gone up today. More Silky Merino Lace, Exotic Cobweb Lace and Bambino Sock on Thursday.

Here's a selection of today's update:
Cha cha cha:
I'm into watching Strictly Come Dancing (it's called something like 'Dancing with hte starts' in other countries.) I hate naming yarns, I can never think of anything so I've decided to use names of the various dances from 'Strictly'. I dind't watch last Saturday's show but I understand there was a bit of controversy so I'd better watch it on I player sometime this week.
I did some crocheting last night but I forgot to take photos but I'm really pleased with myself. I did one circle which I crocheted from a chart, for the first time. I did another one which I was trying to do from a pattern but got lost on round 2 and did my own thing. Pics next time.
I finished off a secret project and got that in the post last night. No rest for the wicked though. Striaght onto another secret project. I'm working on one due end of next week and I'm about to start another one due the same time. In fact, I've got one project after another due until Christmas. I'm doing 4 garments and another of other items between now and Christmas.
Tomorrow I'm going ona 'Knitting with wire' workshop at Spin A Yarn. I've never knitted with wire before so it'll be fun. Tina Barett had a wire heart published in this month's Knitting and it's gorgeous so I'm planning to knit that for our Christmas tree (when I have time).
Girls have requested pancakes for dinner so I'd better get started. Another shop update on Thursday.

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