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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yarn Update

I should have been showing you pics of my brand new machine knitted shrug but I had a disaster this morning. After trying to knit a shrug in Noro Kureyon Sock yarn (which my machine didn't like at all, it kept dropping stitches) I cast on with my Fantasy Sock Yarn. I struggled with the cast on but got it right in the end. I needed to knit up 3 skeins. I worked through the first 2 skeins then had to stop as I had knitting group today. This afternoon I sat down to start knitting up the 3rd skein and halfway through it suddenly my machine jammed. In the process of releasing the carriage I dropped several stitches and with the stitch pattern I was using I couldn't rescue them. So I had to unravel the whole thing. I'd only spent about half an hour of total knitting time so I suppose unravelling wasn't too bad. I've also decided to make a slight change. I'd hoped to re-knit it today but ran out of time.

I've been updating the website this evening. Mainly Exotic Cobweb Lace, Silky Merino Lace and Fantasty sock yarn. Next week there will be more Silky Merino and Exotic Cobweb Lace and Bambino Sock Yarn and perhaps something else. All the new yarns can be seen here.

Here's a preview:

Exotic Cobweb Lace - Night out:
Silky Merino Lace - custard:
Exotic Cobweb Lace - Silver (got some in Silky Merino Lace too):
Exotic Cobweb Lace - Pale Gold:
Exotic Cobweb Lace - Plum Pudding:
Some gorgeous Fantasy Sock Yarn colours too. But Blogger crashed when I tried uploading the pics of those. The Fantasy Sock Yarn is gorgeous. So squishy and soft. I love it! I'm knitting my machine knitted shrug in it and will be casting on for some socks as soon as I can. I'm nearly finished with a secret project and will be going straight on to another one.
Tomorrow I'm going on a glass jewellery course. I've wanted to do it for years and I'm looking forward to it. A bit worried about how i'll cope with my back/neck pain as it's been bad today. I may not manage to stay for the whole day. But I'm looking forward to it. Will try to remember to take some pics for the blog.


Tama said...

Ooooo! Ahhhhhh! Beautiful yarn as always.

How is the knitted squares thing going? Did you get my email? I am going to send you my new address today. We moved last week--what a disaster my house is!

Have a good weekend.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I have spent two days knitting and ripping out!! You sent some nice raspberrry wool to N Ireland this week; I am attempting to knit "Taliah" I have never tried lace knitting before. It goes well then a stitch disappears of the needle down into the lace pattern never to be seen again. I have now reached row 30 without an incident. I am determined to master this; any tips?