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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spinning Action

I've finished my first 100gr of fibre on my new Little Gem. That means I've spun the same amount in one week on the Little Gem as I have so far this year on my Ashford Traveller. LOL. The fibre was purchased from Yarn Chef which I think is an Etsy shop and it's a merino/silk blend. I'm happy with the result, it's not 100% even but considering how little spinning practice I have had this year I'm happy. I plyed it last night on higher speed than I have ever done before and it was okay most of the time. I got in a bit of a mess a couple of times when I had to stop to move the yarn guide slider thing along the flyer. The Ashford has hooks along the flyer and the Little Gem has a slider thing that you have to move and I don't like that. I prefer the Ashford hooks. The yarn has now had a bath and is hanging on the washing line to dry.
Vanessa brought my national costume back from Norway. I was given it when I was 14 years old for my confirmation. Now, in Norway, confirmation is a tradition for most 14 year olds. I was definitely not a Christian when I was confirmed and I knew I wasn't but I was never actually asked if I wanted to be confirmed or not. It was just assumed that everyone would be confirmed and in my year at school of about 120ish pupils there were only 3 or 4 who weren't confirmed. Having become a born-again Christian a few years ago I think this kind of confirmation system they have in Norway is wrong. Teh church we attend now don't do confirmations or baby baptism but encourage you to be baptised as an adult or teenager when you have given your life to God and Simon and I were both baptised a few years ago.

The traditional gift for confirmations is a national costume and I had one from Voss, which is a small village on the west coast near Bergen where my maternal grandfather came from. You should have some sort of connection to the place where your national costume comes from. In the old days people would have a costume from their village or area but these days a lot of people choose one they like. Since I left Norway I've not word my national costume, my sister wore it a few times in her 20s before she had her own from Telemark (another area in Norway where my paternal grandmother came from). My Mum has one from Gudbrandsdalen where her Mum came from. My Mum has been storing my national costume but Vanessa has been asking if she could have it. She tried it on this morning but she's missing the blouse and apron that goes with it. It should have a white cotton blouse with lace detail and a white cotton lace apron but the blouse has gone yellow so my Mum is trying to getit fixed for me. She should also be wearing some jewellery that goes with it.

Look at the embroidery.
I also thought I should share what I bought at Fibre Fest. I got this gorgeous plait of merino/seacell fibre from The Thylacine. This will be next on my wheel and I'm planning to start spinning it tonight.
I also got one skein of sock yarn from Artist Pallette. This was supposed to be a present but then I changed my mind. Got another skein of something very special too but can't show that as it was a present for someone.

I've also forgotten to show pics of hte gorgeous necklace I got from my parents for my birthday. I did actually choose it myself. It consists of one yellow gold cross and one white gold cross with diamonds. I love white gold and silver and I thought buying something with both yellow and white gold would be perfect as I can wear it with a white gold chain or yellow gold chain and with yellow gold and white gold or silver earrings. I love this necklace.

I also got some pearl earrings from a friend. This is a bad pics but the earrings are gorgeous. Quite large and a nice shape, not completely round. I love them.

I'm in the middle of listing some more yarns on the website. The rest of the Bambino Sock Yarn, Super Merino Sock Yarn and Glorious Sock Yarn has gone up and I'm currently working my way through the brand new Silky Merino sock yarn, a gorgeous 50/50 merino/silk blend. It's stunning and I've got my eye on one or two of the skeins myself. After this it's only the Organic Merino, Organic Cotton and Angel (merino/tencel) sock yarns to go and I'm all up to date. Don't forget there is a 15% discount until end of August (see hte sidebar for details).

1 comment:

Pixie said...

Wow the costume is gorgeous and beautiful detailing..

You are going great guns with your spinning, I love slider hooks, I have one on one of my flyers and its the one I prefer to spin with.

What I do if I have to stop is put a clothes peg on the yarn just to stop the twist moving on up.

Your fibre from The Thylacine is gorgeous, I bought some from Megan too :)

Beautiful jewellery and hope you got all your listing done

Have a great Sunday