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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

More spinning

I'm doing some knitting too but it's been a lot of spinning going on lately. I finished the first half of the gorgeous merino/seacell fibre I got at Fibre Fest. And have spun just over half of the 2nd half. I'm planning to take my wheel to the knitting group tomorrow for anyone who wants to have a try so I need to free up a bobbin. I only have 3 and Emily has spun some rather chunky, high twist yarn on one. I've ordered some more bobbins which I'd hoped would arrive today but they haven't so it looks like i'm going to have to get Em's yarn off the bobbin tonight. I think she'd hoped to spin some more. She's getting the hang of treadling but still struggles with drafting so I split some pencil roving in half for her and let her spin that. I'll get some pics tomorrow.
I have been doing some knitting too. I'm working on a secret garment and I've just realised today that I've completely mis-calculated the waist shaping or rather left too many rows between the waist shaping and the arm holes so that's got to be ripped out. At least I've got plenty of time to get it finished. I've done lots of swatching too for more designs to send off to editors so nothing I can share there.

I've taken part in a Secret Santa Swap on the Crafty Yarns forum. I love Secret Santa swaps and this was a secret summer santa swap. My parcel arrived yesterday and I got this gorgeous bag, some gorgeous Wendy Happy sock yarn (this is a bamboo/nylon blend which I've never knitted with before - perfect holiday knitting) and a gorgeous sheep which both the girls have tried to claim but it's MINE!! This is my clue: I can't work it out but I love my parcel so thank you Santa.

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