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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I survived......

... turning 40. Feeling a bit depressed by it now though. I had a great day. In the morning my parents and I drove up to Bovey Tracey to check out Spin A Yarn's new, bigger shop and the shop looked great. I'm looking forward to teaching workshops there this autumn. It's much bigger than the old shop. My sister gave me some money for my birthday so I bought some gorgeous Manos Silk Blend in a new colourway I've not seen before. And I've forgotten to take pics. Will post pics next time. I was planning to knit a shrug for myself but now I'm thinking I may do the Elizabeth Zimmerman moebius vest. Watch this space.

I've been busy updating the website this week. So far I've added Exotic Cobweb Lace, Exotic Lace, Silky Merino Lace, Amazing Cashmere Lace, Bambino Lace and the new Angel Lace which is a blend of merino and tencel. If you like merino/tencel sock yarn you're going to love this new lace yarn.
Perfect for knitting the Blossom shawl or Golitha Falls shawl.
Don't forget there is a 15% discount valid until the end of this month. Check out the discount code on the website.
First there were 3

then there were 2

While taking photos I was tempted by this gorgeous Amazing Cashmere Lace and decided I had to keep one.

There are two left up for graps and two in this similar and utterly stunning colourway:
At the moment I'm working on a new secret project for Let's Knit. It's a great project and I'm enjoying knitting with the yarn. Talking about Let's Knit, my first design for them will be published in the next issue and it may even be on the cover. I'm very excited. If you've bought this month's issue of Let's Knit you can see it on the page showing what's coming in the next issue. It's in one of my favorite yarns: Manos Silk Blend.

I've finished sock 1 of Simon's socks and cast on sock 2 but not made much progress yet. It's been put on the back burner as I've got another secret project I need to finish this weekend plus the new Let's Knit secret project.


Piecepatcher said...

Congratulations on turning 40!
Glad you enjoyed your day. I hope that you know that once you turn 40, instead of a BirthDAY you have a Birthday WEEK!
Your new yarns look lovely, tempting.
Look forward to sweeing your new projects

Ann said...

Happy Belated Birthday!