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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shawl with no name - winner


I've been struggling to decide on the winner for the 'Shawl with no name'. Yesterday, my friend, Clare, came over and I showed her the shawl and read out all the entries to her. And we both decided we liked Golitha Falls best so the shawl with no name is now The Golitha Falls Shawl. And the winner is Elizabeth, a fellow Norwegian who now lives in Sweden. E-mail me Elizabeth and I'll get your prize sent to you. The finished pattern will be launched sometime this week if I get time to finish it and edit the photos, or next week. Elizabeth wins the yarn (Supreme Lace or Bambino Lace ) to knit the shwl and the pattern.

Have you seen the latest issue of Yarn Forward, issue 16? I've got another pattern in this issue. It's the Runaway jumper. The rib pattern features yarn overs which are later dropped and allowed to unravel, this gives the jumper a great stretch and therefore a fitted appearance. The yarn is one of my favorites, Manos Silk Blend. I just love this yarn.

Unfortunately I didn't get any really good pics of this garment before I sent it off. And I've not been sent any official photographer pics either.In the next issue of Yarn Forward I'm having a pair of socks published. They're on the back of the current issue.

I went to Weight watchers yesterday, I've not been for two weeks and last time I'd put on 2 pounds so Iwas a bit apprehensive yesterday but I went and I lost 3 pounds, so very pleased about that. I've been to the gym twice this week too but I've been struggling. On Monday I didn't feel like doing anything at all. I was tired and in pain from the weekend with a slightly upset tumy. So I had an easy workout. Today I felt better apart from bad neck pain and tiredness so I did a little more than Monday but not as much as I should have done. Never mind at least I went.

I've got lots on for the rest of this week. Lots of knitting to do too. I've done some more swatching for two new designs. I'm trying to teach myself to sketch my designs. I cannot draw to save my life but editors want sketches and I've not been able to supply them up to now. So for my two new designs I've tried sketching them out and they're not good but not appalling either. I'm desperate to cast on for a lace shrug for myself which I've been wanting to knit for a while. I've now dyed the yarn and decided on a pattern so perhaps I'll cast on soon. But I also ahve a secret garmetn otn. I finished the back on Sunday but double checking the fit and size I realised I've allowed too little ease to get the fit Iwant. It'll still fit the size I'm knitting it for but it won't give the look Iwant so it's being frogged and re-started. Luckily it's aquick knit and I've got two weeks before the deadline so shouldn't be a problem. I decided it was better to get it right. I've got another secret project I need to get on with this week or next and socks for August's sock club and Sockamania so really the lace shrug should wait. I'm also keen to start a lace shawl in my Amazing Cashmere Lace. I'm hoping to get more of this yarn soon and it'd be nice to have a one skein pattern ready for Fibre Fest but do I really have time.

I ordered Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around book and DVD and the 2nd book in Barbara Walker's treasure series, I have the other 3. There are some amazing lace patterns in this book that I'm keen to swatch and I'm desperate to start reading KNitting Around and watch the DVD too. I'm especailly keen to explore the seamless circular sweaters in the book. I may use it for one of my new designs. i've never designed with a circular yoke or raglan shaping and it's a bit nerveracking to start with but then again, 6 months ago I'd never designed a fitted sleeve cap and I can do that now so I should just go for it.


Pixie said...

Love the name for the shawl and congrats to Elizabeth :))

Lovely jumper you designed, great st pattern too.

Whoo on the weight loss, see I told you you'd be ok ;)

If you find time in amongst everything else to write out a pattern for your new Cashmere Lace, hands up to knit it for you.. sure we can do it in time.. even if I bring it with me on the day lol.. so looking forward to being there and seeing you in action on your stall.

Of course you can do a jumper in a round.. you can do anything you put your mind too..

Back to knitting I shall go lol

Elisabeth said...

Oh my, what a surprise! With all those names I never thought my suggestion would be chosen! Thank you! I'll think a bit about which yarn to choose ( it very hard but am leaning toward the Bambino Lace blue one) and email you shortly. Now if I could only win knitting time as well.... Hope you get better soon!

The Sexy Knitter said...

I love your jumper, Anni! I'm in this issue, too - my design was "Full Circle". Could you post or send a photo of the cover of Issue 16? I just can't wait to actually see it! :)