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Monday, July 20, 2009

Swatches and new socks

Yes, I've been swatching again. I bought a new stitch dictionary last week which lead to some more swatching. I swatched these 4 pretty lace patterns in some sock yarn.
Can you tell the difference between the two photos?
Two of the patterns included in this swatch is being used for my new sock pattern which I cast on for tonight. I'm already halfway down the cuff and I'm loving it. The plan is that this will be the sock for the Sock Variety Club for August. I've dyed the yarn for the sock club today and I can tell you it's not pink but I'm not telling you which colour it is. If you fancy finding out, join the club now. I've got 4 spaces left.

I also dyed yarn today for a very special project for a mag which I'm very excited about but I can't talk about it. The secret will be revealed by the end of the year.
This is what's currently on the needles. the red yarn is Luscious Lace and I'm swatching for a new design which will be used for Amazing Cashmere Lace and Luscious Lace. It'll be launched at Fibre Fest. Pixie is ready with the yarn to knit the sample, she's only waiting for me to get my act together and e-mail her the pattern.

The two white balls are Bambino sock and lace. The lace is a swatch for possible new lace shawl and the sock is a swatch for something secret. The bit of pink stockign stitch you can see is a secret project, so better not say anything more about that.

apart from knitting and dyeing yarn I went to the gym this morning. I didn't feel like it but went anyway. I did a slightly easier work out than normal as I had no energy at all. I did 10 mins on the bike, 5 mins on the cross trainer (pathetic but it was killing me) and 5 mins on the stepper which was also killing me. I did my weights too. Then tonight i was exercising again. My friend, Helen, and I went to a beginners Salsa class. I've never done salsa before but Helen has. it was a 30 mins complete beginners class and we were taught 3 basic steps which we practiced on our own and with a partner. It was fun and easier than I thought it would be. The teacher and her partner then demonstrated what we could expect to learn during the next 8-10 weeks if we continued with the beginners class. I was very impressed and not sure if I can learn it that quickly but I do fancy going back.

it's late and I'm tired and in pain, gym and salsa and yarn dyeing all in one day is probably more than my poor back can cope with. And tomorrow I'm off to Plymouth with Vanessa after my Weight watchers weigh-in.

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Leonie said...

Same swatch upside down. I like the first two in the top swatch either way up!

Pixie said...

Oh the intrigue of your knitting lol

Long time to wait till the end of the year you know for your secret project

Glad you enjoyed the dance class, sounds more fun than the gym.. well to me any ways lol

Thanks for popping by my place, and Massam is a long staple fibre. I bought it from here

Will catch you later, with a pattern for me perhaps lol xxx