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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Liskeard Show

...was a complete wash out. I prayed and prayed for dry weather and the day started off dull but dryish. But it was downhill from there. Our Knitting Group had a gazebo with mesh walls which didn't keep the rain out. so having armed myself with shower curtains, I lined the mesh walls with shower curtains which helped a bit. But despite the rain we managed to make a cosy knitting hideaway. We had lots of visitors during the day. Didn't know there were so many knitters and lapsed knitters around. Tina, Hella and I were manning the stall all day and we had a good day apart from the last couple of hours when we were getting little wet and fed up. Tina, by the way, is Tina Barrett, prolific knitwear designer who designs regularly for Let's Knit, Knitting, Knit Today and Yarn Forward and I may have forgotten some too. She's also written two gorgeous baby knits and baby crochet books.

We had a table each. I had some yarns and Knit Pro stuff for sale and some shawls and socks on display.Some sock love:

Hella's machine knitting table:
Hella's machine knitted swatches, it's amazing some of the stuff that can be achieved with knitting machines:Here's Tina enjoying her lunch, the mannequin next to her is dressed in Hella's machine knitted designs:And Tina's table:
Tina's russian dolls:
A yarn bowl full of gorgeous yarns and cute needles:
Let's Knit readers may recognise Tina's Union Jack bag which was in the mag a few issues ago.
Tina's dolls:We were sandwiched in between Popham Alpacas and some owls and falcons. I managed to get a pic of the alpacas but forgot about the owls and falcons. Both Emily and Vanessa held the birds but I was't there to take pictures. Bad Mum!

Tomorrow i'm going to compile a list of my favorite suggestions for the Shawl with No name and I may have to have a vote as I can't decide which one I like the best so check back tomorrow.

I'm really tired after yesterday and my neck/back is bad and I didn't sleep very well last night so I'm extremely tired today. We went to church this morning and I've got the Formula 1 Grand Prix on in the background so I'm going back to watch the racing now and doing some gentle knitting.


Pixie said...

what a shame the weather was against you, your stall looks fabulous, those shower curtains have come in very handy then?!

Happy gentle knitting, I am heading back to the wheel lol and Troy boy is cooking tea.. how lucky am I ;)

Piecepatcher said...

well the displays look very alluring, tempting. I like the shawls hung up like that so the light shines through. It all looks great. So disappointing about the weather though.You do well to provide such service to the knitters like that!
hope you had a pleasant relaxing day gently knitting.

Sarah said...

We were going to go but got put off by the rain - maybe next year :o)