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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back from holiday

Hi, we're back from holiday. Actually we came back on Tuesday afternoon, but with washing, unpacking and lots of other stuff to do I've not had time to post.

So where did we go? We went to Spring Harvest at Butlins, Minehead. Spring Harvest is a Christian holiday held every year at Butlins in Minehead and Skegness. Thousands of christians take over teh two Butlins sites. Each 'week' lasts for 6 days. The kids had their clubs in the morning and evenings and all the Butlins activities (swimming, fun fair etc) in teh afternoon. We had an hour long Bible TEaching led by Danielle Strickland from the Salvation Army in Australia every morning plus various 'learning zones' to choose from and a big evening Celebration service with lots of modern worship music led by Al Gordon and Tim Hughes (both very well known worship leaders and they've written lots of popular worship songs too) and a different speaker every night. I can't remember all their names now but they were all very good. Danielle Strickland (who did the Bible teaching) was fantastic. An amazing woman. The worship in the evenings was just fantastic and the best we've had in the three years we've been to Spring Harvest. Thousands of Christians singing to modern worship songs in a big top is just fantastic. The most amazing time was one evening when we finished with Amazing Grace, it was just the audience singing without the band.

You come back from these sort of events feeling exhausted as you try to pack in so much but also renewed and inspired. One of the things I'm not very good at but have resolved to do after this year's Spring Harvest is to start reading the Bible more often. I should do it daily but I don't but that's my aim. And to help me I bought a new Bible. Vanessa and one of her friends bought another friend a Bible for her birthday (how many 14 year olds want a Bible for her birthday?!!) and Emily wanted a youth Bible for her birthday next week so got her that one too. It made me realise how lucky we are that both our girls have given their lives to Jesus. That's a huge blessing. And Vanessa has several friends who are Christians too.

This year i even managed to leave the Butlins site for a little while. Didn't go far though. Just across the road to hte beach. The weather was glorious. On Easter Sunday they organised a Sunrise (7.30am) service on teh beach and about 1500 people attended. I couldn't get out of bed in time and I wish now I'd gone as it would have been amazing to be on the beach with so many Christians. Simon and Em went.

Here are some pics of the beach:Emily and Simon:
Butlins Skyline:
And yes I did someknitting too. Most of it was for a garment for Yarn Forward so I can't show you that but I took one day off and started a short row scarf with Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. This was just an experiment but I think it turned out well. It's much longer now and the colours are amazing. I'll try to get a pic done to show next time I post.

Since we came back I've done some more work on my 'Strawberry Patch' Shawl and I'm close to finishing the main body of it now.

This week is Sock VAriety Club week. I start dyeing the yarn on Monday. If you want to join please hurry up as there are only a couple of spaces left. I've got a very special pair of socks planned this month and you will get between 150 and 200gr of yarn. you can join for one or three months. Check out the shop.

Here's a reminder of last month's yarn:

1 comment:

Torhild Reidardatter said...

sounds like you had a very good Easter- I had too, just in a another range :-)
But at the bottom line it is important to feel rested & filled with energy- and some knitting done.
I LOVE the colour of your new yarn--- they really go well together.