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Monday, April 20, 2009

UK Ravelry Day

I've mentioned the UK Ravelry Day i Coventry (on 6th June). there's going to be several big names attending, like Brandon Mably, Debbie Bliss and Meg Swansen. and little ol' me. I'm teaching two workshops, continental knitting which I think is sold out and socks two at atime on circs. Check out the website to book. I'm also having a stall to sell my yarns and patterns.

I've put off planning for the event until after Easter and our Spring Harvest holiday was out of the way and now I'm panicking. The day focuses on British yarn so I'm just in the middle of working out what to order. I've also got anotehr very exciting, potential supplier who supplies gorgeous, luxury yarns, so i'm going ot be placing an order with them too.

To help me afford all this new yarn I need to clear some stock. So the May Madness SAle has started early. Some yarns are already reduced and more will be. The free p&p will last until probably Friday so if you order quickly you'll get a real bargain.

I'm also working ona new website and shop. I'm planning to come off Etsy hopefully ina month or two. My first priority is to get the clubs loaded into the new shop and the rest of the new website built. It'll take me a while and I'm not expecting to have it up and running for at least a month. My plan is to get it ready for June so it's up and running after the Coventry event.

Anyway, get shopping. Knittingwise I've finished off and sent of a garment for Yarn Forward. STarted a new design for Let's Knit. Yes I've got two patterns (so far) coming out in Let's Knit in the autumn. Very exciting! I'm also working hard on finishing the Sock VAriety Club pattern for May. It's nearly done. I've dyed the trial yarn today and the club yarn will be dyed tomorrow. One space left so be quick if you want to join.

Next post I'll get some knitting pics or at least yarn pics to show, I promise.

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