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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Free Shipping

Just finished packing for Spring Harvest which starts tomorrow. Taking a sweater I'm designing for a magazine, May's Sockamania socks, another sock project (plain trainer socks) and the lace stole for my sister. Is that too much or too little for 6 days??

Got lots to blog about but not enough time. So in the meantime there is free shipping in the shop on all yarn. No parcels will be shipped until Wednesday next week though.

Got to finish seaming my new cardigan. Pics when I get back. I'm really pleased with it. Just side seams left to do.

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

Pixie said...

Have a great Spring Harvest and sounds to me you have the right amount of knitting :)

Looking forward to seeing your finished cardi

Happy Easter xxx