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Friday, January 16, 2009

New clubs & new designs

I've finally finished my current secret project, that is I've finished the knitting and making up but I've still got to finish writing the pattern. but I decided to take a break to announce some exciting club changes. First all the clubs will be going down in price, this is due to changes in the dollar exchange rate and the current economic situation. Check out the club page in the shop for details.

There will be a new club - No Wool Sock Club - This is the club for those of you who are allergic to wool or do not like using wool or just fancy a change. The yarn used for this club will be a gorgeous 55% Organic cotton/45% Tencel blend. it has 400m per 100gr skein. And it's supersoft and gorgeous to knit with. The club will launch in February with the first parcels going out towards the end of the first week/beginning of the second week in February. You also get a project bag in your first parcel and a sock pattern each month. The sock pattern will be the same as the one used for Sockamania that month. And the yarn will be dyed in a shade to suit the sock pattern.

Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club will be changing it's name to the Sock Variety Club. The reason for the change is that I'll be using a variety of sock yarns for this club. The yarns may include Merino Plus, Super Merino, Bambino, Almerino, Merino/Tencel and BFL sock yarns. Everything else stays the same. You will still get a Sockamania pattern each month, yarn dyed to suit the pattern and a project bag in the first parcel, oh and the prices have been reduced too. check the club page for details. Current Sockamania PLUS members will automatically transfer to the Sock Variety Club. I will e-mail you all over the weekend.

The Lace Variety Club has already had changes announced so no more changes there apart from the price which has gone down. The Lace variety Club is now bi-monthly.

And if you can't decide which club to join or fancy joining more than one. There is now a Two Clubs Option. This will save you money if you join two clubs at the same time, you save more if you join one sock and one lace club than 2 sock clubs.

Go to the club page in the shop for more details on any of the clubs.

Other news - The new Yarn Forward issue is now out, although my copy hasn't arrived so I haven't seen it yet but I've got two patterns in this issue. There is the 'Fusion' Teen jumper which comes in sizes 12, 14 & 16 years.

and the Fern gloves and fingerless mitts. Unfortunately I've not got pics of the sample gloves and fingerless mitts that went in teh magazine but I've got photos of a version of the fingerless mitts I knitted for my friend Marianne for Christmas. I used my own Merino Plus sock yarn and added beads. The original pattern use Opal Planete for Bergere de France and did not have beads.Marianne loved the addition of the beads and I quite fancy a pair myself.
As my secret project is finished I intend to treat myself to some spinning this weekend. I'm aiming to finish this off:
And I'll need to start the Sockamania socks for February this weekend too. This pattern will als obe used for the new 'No Wool club' and 'Sock Variety Club' for February. The Lace Variety Club parcels for January will be sent out on Monday.

Have a good weekend

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psalm127 said...

Lovely sweater. Now is that in the new Yarn Forward? Which means I wont see it for about three months. lol I am dieing to try it thoug.