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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More mistakes

Before I get going with today's post, if you read my last post re the cinema mistake, read the comments and what happened to Jane when she was knitting in the cinema once. It made me laugh. And perhaps caution should be used when knititng during films.

After frogging several inches of my secret project which I'm trying to finish asap by the way as the yarn arrived rather later than we thought it would. I then discovered yesterday that I'd made a major mistake, and I can't say too much as it is a secret design, but I'd worked a pattern on teh back of the garment I'm making which shouldn't have been there so I had to frog it back to the rib and reknit the entire back, I'd done nearly 100 rows when I discovered it so 100 rows to frog and re-knit. This was yesterday afternoon and I've caught up with myself now and have only got a couple of inches left to go before the back is finished. Let's just hope I don't make any more mistakes. I wasn't sure I should have admitted this mistake online but it may encourage other knitters if they think they're the only ones who make stupid mistakes. You're not!!! I make them all the time. Being the designer of this garment I could have ofcourse just added this 'mistake' to the design and pretend it was supposed ot be there all along, but I just wasn't happy with it.

I'm looking forward to finishing this garment now so I can get on with some knitting I can share. I was working on a cowl before the garment yarn arrived so I'm planning to finish that. During a little bit of a tidy up in my wardrobe just before Christmas I found a bag of Noro Kureyon and I have no memory of when I acquired this yarn at all. I must have bought it from a friend on a knitting forum. There shoudl be enough in there for a sweater, or at least a sleeveless garment in my size. i'm not sure whether to get on and knit something with it or to wait until I loose some weight.

I am determined to loose weight this year. I'll be 40 later this year and I do not want to turn 40 being the size I am now (size 22/24). I don't think loosing weight will improve my back/neck problem as I've lost considerable amounts of weight before and it didn't make any difference. And at the moment I'm not suffering from any other health problems that may be affected by weight. But I am concerned as I get older that my weight can cause health problems and I think now is the time to deal with it. I had planned to re-join Weight Watchers today. I've lost weight with them before so I know it works. But I've not been feeling too great for the last few days .I've had 3 really bad nights now, with waking up a lot and I feel like I'm coming down with something (don't know what) and I just kind of feel unwell and tired. So I came home after dropping the girls off at school this morning, sat down to do some knitting before getting ready for the meeting. I fell asleep and woke up too late to go. A bit annoying as I was feeling quite motivated to start this week. No other meeting I can get to in our town this week. I have lost about 4 pounds since we came back from Norway though, so it's not all bad.

Back to my knitting, I want to finish the back and start the sleeves today and there's a fair bit of tidying up and laundry folding to do, so I'd better get on.

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