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Monday, January 26, 2009

What happened to blogging?

Well, Idon't know really. I've not been overly busy. I keep thinking about blogging and then not getting around to it. My neck and back pain has been bad for the last couple of weeks which has restricted my computer time and for the past week I had one pattern for a garment to finish writing and another one to start on so my computer time has been limited to that.

I've done a lot of hat knitting lately and must take some pictures of the hats tomorrow. I've knitted the pink hat (don't remember the name now) by Katya Frankel which was on the front of the current Yarn Forward. I've knitted one for Vanessa and one for my sister and Simon tried on Vanessa's and he quite fancied it too. And I knitted a beret for a friend. I'll take some pics tomorrow then talk more about it next time I blog. I won't promise it'll be tomorrow though.

I'm hoping to go and pick up a knitting machine tomorrow. A lovely lady who attended one of my workshops at Spin A Yarn last autumn had a knitting machine from her Mum that she was looking for a new home for. I've fancied one for a while so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. I won't have any idea what to do with it when I get it so I hope it's not too difficult to use. Never used a knitting machine before.

And I've got tooth ache again. On Friday I had to have a root canal. I was fine on Friday and over the weekend but last night I woke up at 2am in a lot of pain. My tooth was throbbing and my gums are all swollen. I got up and took more painkillers (I take a bucket load every day anyway and had taken my bedtime quota of 6 painkillers - 3 different makes at 11pm). Got back to bed about 3am but I didn't sleep very well after that. Simon wsa awake a lot too and we were both restless. Didn't really fall asleep properly until Simon got up around 6ish. And then ihad to get up around 7. So I've been really tired all day. My tooth wsa okay this morning so I didn't ring the dentist. Wish I had now as it's hurting again. So now I'm worried about sleeping tonight. I will definitely ring the dentist tomorrow morning if its hurting tonight. I'm not sure if I'm getting antoher abscess or if it's jut because of the root canal, whether it will settle down on its own or need antibiotics. I do have a history of abscesses in that area. I've had four there in the las two years so I'm rather worried.

I've also got a cracking headach so not a good day really. Because of this the sock club parcels for February will be delayed. i hould have finished writing up the pattern and packed up the parcels today but I just wasn't up to it. Will do my best to get them in the post tomorrow.

Back to my knitting. Just trying to stay awake until it's late enough to have an early night.


psalm127 said...

Oh Anni, I am so very sorry that you are in that much pain. I hope things get better soon. Still unbelieveable how you can get so much stuff done and being in that much pain as well. I can't accomplish half as much and I am not in pain like you. We will continue to pray for you. Oh it is almost time for Feburary sock club. I am so behind on getting my UFO's done, I may not get to mine this next month, but I will be drooling over my yarn when it gets here.

psalm127 said...

Oh did I tell you that Mom loved the Breast Cancer Ribbon Scarf I made for her. She took it to her knitting group to show off. They wanted to know where to get the pattern and where the Sockamania blog was. So you may be getting some more people signing up and buying your patterns from here in Sunny Southern California.

Annette said...

Hope you're feeling a little better today and that you've been able to get a good night's sleep...