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Friday, December 05, 2008

Yuk, what's that?

Yes it's eyelash novelty yarn. A yarn I loved about 4 years ago and now hate. but my neighbour loves it and every year she asks me to knit her a few scarves. She asked me in October and I've finally finished one and got the other one on the needles. I'm just doing garter stitch on big needles so it's fairly quick. the first one I knitted the majority of it on Halloween when we went to the cinema tosee High School Musical. I think I need another cinema trip to get the other one done. One scarf is short with a hole in it to pull the end through. The 2nd scarf will be longer.

Finished a hat for Simon too but not got photos done yet so will show that on the next post. It's only a plain rib hat knitted in angora/merino. It's gorgeous and ever so soft. And it just about met with his approval. He's very fussy when it comes to hats and my last one knitted in possum/merino was too short and small for him and didn't have enough grip.

Here's my daughters' advent calender. I just had to show it off and yes it's missing quite a few presents. Need to get some more over the next fewdays to fill up the rest of the calender. The girls open it every other day and get little presents I've bought. I find it a lot of hassle to be honest but the girls love it. Just as much as Iloved it as a child/teenager. This advent calendar was made by my grandmother who was brilliant at embroidery and me and my sister had it when we were kids. Since I was the first one of us to have kids I got the calendar for my kids. My sister now has two little boys but my girls aren't ready to give up on the calendar yet so my Mum has had to make a new one for my nephews.

I listed some more yarns yesterday and there will be more to come today, hopefully. I'm really suffering from severe back pain today. My massage therapist thinks I've got a trapped nerve in my lower back on teh left side and it's agony. It's even painful to walk. So I'm having a quiet a bad day and have been quite tearful this morning. Trying to treat it with knitting and chocolate.

Here's a snapshot of the yarns listed and some to come:

Aran Merino:

Luscious Lace:

Silky Lace:

Silky Alpaca:
I've reduced some yarn prices due to the dollar exchange rate so all yarns who were $20 are now $18. If you want to sign up for the clubs the deadlines are earlier this month as I need to dye the yarns early to get it all done in plenty of time before we go to Norway. So be quick. Here's the shop.

got a couple of new patterns due out next week if everything goes to plan and a sneak preview of the new lace shawl Pixie knitted up for me, which arrived this morning. Thank you so much Pixie. YOu're briliant as always. The shawl will be the pattern for Decembers Lace Variety Club.


Tama said...

The advent calendar is wonderful! That is a tradition that I keep considering. I really like it! The new yarns are beautiful! Especially that silvery Lucious Lace!!!!!

Unknown said...

We have a solid Advent following in our house and while my sister who is much younger was away, far away at college, I sent her an Advent box similar to your idea. Her favorite present from the 4 years were her cat's whiskers in a wicker box. Lovely idea for the girls and I hope they don't give it up until they have their own children. (but then who is to get the wonderful Advent sash????