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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time flies

The days just seem to be going so quickly these days. Every day for a few days now I've been thinking about blogging but not had time during the day and then in the evening I'm either too tired, in too much pain or someone else is hogging the computer so today I was determined to blog and to show off some current wips. But I've left it too late to take photos now as it's getting darker. I tried taking some photos of some yarn earlier to do a shop update but they all came out areally funny colour. The surface I take photos on is white and it came out looking pale blue. I've managed to edit some photos but Paintshop is running really slow and it's al ltaking too much time so I've abandoned it for today. Will try to re-do photos again tomorrow. I'd hoped to get it all done today as I've brought all the yarns downstairs for photos and Simon hates it when I leave them down here. Never mind, he'll have to put up with it for one more day.

At the moment I'm really excited and stalking the Knitty website every day. Winter Knitty will be out any day now and I've got a design in it. To celebrate my first Knitty design, the first one to spot my design on Knitty and to post a comment on my blog will win a price. I moderate all the comments so it won't appear straight away but I can see when Iget a list of comments to moderate who's posted first so go for it. I'm not telling you what the design is or what it's called so a bit of detective work is needed.

Because the current dollar exchange rate makes yarns sold in $ very expensive for most of the rest of the world I've decided to reduce the prices of my yarns a little. so yarns that were $20 a skein are now $18 and club memberships were reduced a week or two ago. Check out the shop.

AS I havne't got any of my own knitting to show you I'll show you something that Pixie is working on for me instead
It's a new shawl in a new Silky Merino Lace. She's got much further than that now. I saw it yesterday and Pixie has only got the border left to do now. It's probably going to be that pattern for this months Lace Variety Club.

Yesterday was the knitting group at spin A Yarn which I love going to each month. Joyce has got the new Manos Silk Blend solid colours in stock now and the purple colour was too gorgeous to resist. I'm planning a cable moebius with it using a cable stitch pattern I cut out of a magazine ages ago and I had the cut out a few weeks ago and put it somwhere safe and now I can't fin it. So off to search for that now.

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