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Sunday, December 07, 2008


I've finally got a finished project to show you. It's Simon's hat. He's got very, very short hair and on cold days likes wearing a hat and especially when we go to Norway will need a hat to wear. I'm not all that good at knitting hat. If I found a pattern and followed it I'd probably be okay but I don't tend to follow patterns which is why I design my own. LOL. Teh last hat I knitted him wasn't quite right so I was determined to get this one right. He's got a big head too which makes buying hats difficult. This one has met with his approval, just. It looks quite big on my model head. I'll see if i can get Simon to model it at some point.
Also finished some spinning last night. This merino/bamboo has been on the wheel for a couple of months now but due to all my deadline knitting lately I've not found any time to spin. I've got 100gr of this and it's probably dk weight although I've not measured wpi yet. It's currently soaking with some BFL Humbug I spun ages ago but never got around to finishing off. I've promised Emily a hat for Norway with the blue/white fibre.

This shawl which is the one Pixie knitted for me is waiting to be blocked. Unfortunately the back pain I've suffered recently has put me off crawling around on the floor blocking lace. But I need to get this done and photographed so tonight is blocking night no matter what. It's quite big even befor blocking so it'll be interesting to see how much bigger it gets. The yarn has silk in it which tends to block out quite big.

This yarn arrived from Yarny Goodness the other day. If you've not visited this shop yet, pop over now. Pam has some wonderful knitting and yarn goodies for sale and you get a complementary Yarny Goodness stitch marker too. I have two of them now and they're fab. The plum yarn is 100% bamboo which I've fallen in love with. I may try to cast on for something over christmas with it. Not sure what yet. The green yarn is merino I think and a dk weight. Not quite sure what i had in mind when I bought it. So not quite sure what to do with it yet.

Keep an eye out for Winter Knitty which is due to be published any day now. The first one to spot my pattern on Knitty and posts a comment on my blog saying what the pattern is called and that they've seen it on Knitty will get a prize. My comments are moderated so your comment won't show immediately.

This afternoon Emily's class is singing in the Christingle Service at our local Parish Church. This is the church we used to go to and I always love going back there but the pews are incredibly uncomfortable and I'm not sure how well I will cope with it this afternoon. Got to find a cushion to take with me I think. Iwas lucky in church this morning as we have a couple of comfy lounge chairs for 2 people with severe health problems. Neither of them were there this morning so I used one of the chairs which means a lot less pain at the end of the service. Our normal chairs in church are not bad either but they still increase the pain levels quite a lot.

The countdown has started now for going to Norway. Two weeks left which means two weeks to finish Christmas shopping, make sure the kids have got enough clothes for the holiday including warm clothes to wear in the snow and party clothes for dressing up. Also got to dye and send out Lace Variety Club and Sockamania PLUS club yarn. Oh and a bit of knitting to do too.

I've started a Moebius neck warmer using a method I've never used before, but I'll tell you more aobut that tomorrow...


Pixie said...

Simon's hat looks great and good luck with the Moebius neck warmer, itching to see how that turns out.. finished my shawl with your green silky yarn.. can't do photos as its a gift for someone.. and hope you don't hurt your back more by blocking out that huge shawl.. it is a biggie and will I hope look fabulous when done..
Love love that yarn and I have some singles to ply.. may be tonight or tomorrow..
Your hand spun looks scrummy and will make a great hat..

Got to find time this week to do a blog post.. lol

Have a great week Pixie xxx

psalm127 said...

Simon's hat looks wonderful. Great job. I found that I can get Yarn Forward at a bookstore out here but they are about a month behind from when it comes out in the UK. The one with your socks was in the store. I have to call every morning for issue 8 to see if they got it. I keep checking on knitty several times a day too, but alas no new post for them. Can't tell that I want more of your yarn ha ha. If I could I would be doing your lace club as well.....maybe some time next year. Love how Decembers socks are knitting up.
I love what pixie has knitted up can hardly wait to see the hole thing. The yarn she knit it in looks very yummmy, love the color and I bet it is very soft just by looking at it.

Did Emily enjoy singing on Sunday?

hilary said...

I've seen your lovely pattern and it's called Maja! (I posted on a previous post before seeing your request.) It will be my next knit.

Sylvia said...

Winter Knitty is up! I love your Maja pattern!