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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Felling ill

I've been planning on blogging for days now but keep forgetting or not feeling up to it. Was determined to find time to blog last night but then felt so ill I went to bed at 8pm (before the kids). Which meant I was awake at 3am. So now I feel really rough again.

The Sockamania club yarn is dyed, dryed and ready and should have been posted first thing this morning but I felt too ill to pack it all up yesterday and today has not been much better so it will now be going out tomorrow. Sorry it's a little late guys. Next month's shipment will go out in plenty of time as we're off on holiday on 22 Dec and I want all club yarn out of the house days before we go.

Yesterday, even though I was feeling ill, I had lots of ideas of what to write about and now they've totally evaporated.

Now that I've finally found my camera charger I should have had some photos to show you of finished stuff but one item is stillwaiting to be blocked (must do that tonight) and one I've decided to wait until next week but then it will be put up as a free pattern so hopefully worth the wait.

still working on a secret project which will be done any day now, the deadline is the end of the month so it'd better be done soon. I thought I was making great progres at 4am then realised I had to frog my last hour of knitting. Cant wait to get this item done so I can start something else. Got stuff quieing up to get on the needles. I've got some ideas for a new scarf design that looks great in my imagination but whether I can pull it off remains to be seen. I nearly wound the yarn for it earlier but then thought better of it as if the yarn was ready to be knitted it'd be on the needles in a flash and my deadline item would not get done.

Back with a more interesting post in a day or two.


triconette said...

Get well soon... I'm sure we all do have some yarn to knit, so look after yourself and take your time. yvonnep

Probably Jane said...

Hope you feel better soon - must be frustrating to be full of ideas and too grotty to do anything with them.

Judy said...

Sorry you were feeling ill. Hope you are better now.