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Monday, December 08, 2008


Time to show off the Lace Variety Club yarn for November. It's a scrumptious Silky Lace which is incredibly soft, in gorgeous green shades. I'm hoping all the US parcels have arrived by now. This picture is courtesy of Pixie as I forgot to take pics before I wrapped them all up.
Today I've been dyeing the yarn for the December club and it's looking yummy and I love the yarn. If you want to sign up then you've got till Wednesday so be quick. The new shawl for the club has been blocked but the weather was far too dull today to take pics. It looks gorgeous though and is huge.

Still no Knitty. Keep checking the site.

Have managed to do a tiny bit of knitting today. Working on a pair of mitts for a friend. I knitted her some before but she lost them and I have enoug yarn for another pair so I thought I'd be nice and knit her another pair. She was wearing the first pair all the time. This time I've added beads and it's looking gorgeous. No pics though as the pattern is a secret for now.

Also working on some secret socks which aren't going too good. Knitted all the way to the heel flap then realised they were going to be tiny so had to have a re-think. cast on again in Bambino sock yarn which is yummy to knit with.

Did a few rounds on the moebius cowl while at a friend's for lunch earlier.

I've dyed some new sock yarn today, it's alpaca/merino blend and it's so soft and gorgeous. Dyed some yummy colours including a couple of skeins using a new technique. Will be interesting to see how that turns out.


Pixie said...

Last months lace was a gem to knit with and looking forward to seeing what this months is going to be :))

Join knitty and then you won't have to keep checking the site.. they will let you know when its a new issue ;)

New technique for dyeing sounds intriguing.. and hope the cowl is working out well.. :))

Barb W. said...

Hi Anni:

Just saw your beautiful shawl pattern -- Maja -- on Winter 2008 issue.

Am I first?

Barb W.
barbaraawilliams @

Hattie said...

Was the pattern Maja? Very cool pattern!

psalm127 said...

OOOh I found it. Tangy. beautiful shawl. I checked just before leaving for pe classes and then when I got home..there it was beautiful job.

psalm127 said...

Oh man there are two names I just realized I chose the wrong one at first the name of the shawl is Maja. Why is Tangy there. To confuse us poor readers... ha ha ha. I am tring to figure out k4w or is that the explanation there. I will have to reread again or hey I think I will print it out to take with me while I am picking up DD1 from her PE Class, ahh but I am working on December socks oh the choices one has to make. lol

Walden said...

Just saw your Maja pattern on Knitty and wanted to check out your blog and say what a great pattern I think it is. I simply love the stitches you used together in it.

Nevisknitter said...

Just seen your Maja shawl on Knitty, its amazing, going in my queue to get knitted next year.

hilary said...

I just saw your shawl on Knitty and it it lovely. I think it will be my next project - thanks!