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Friday, November 21, 2008

Reduced club prices

Not much time to blog today. But I wanted to tell you all that I've reduced the prices of my clubs. I realised that the exchange rate has changed a lot lately which made the clubs very expensive for my UK customers so I decided to reduce the prices. If you fancy joining pop over to the shop now. The sock club ships next week so you need to sign up before Monday. Renewal prices have gone down too. If you've joined for December already or renewed your memberships at the old prices I'll contact you over the weekend with a compensation offer, so don't worry you won't loose out. This is just for memberships starting with December parcels (which are the memberships being sold now).

Found my camera charger today. It just suddenly appeared in the bedroom. I'd searched it so carefully so no idea where it had been hiding. Got some finished stuff to photograph over the weekend so hopefully some pics soon. A couple of new patterns to come next week too.

If you want to know what Christmas is really about read yesterday's post.

Have a lovely weekend.

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