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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Swatching crazy...

I've finally cast on for a new project that I've been mulling around in my head for several weeks now. I swatched like crazy over the weekend and finally struck gold on Sunday. I didn't have the right needle size or rather I do somewhere but couldn't find it so had to borrow one set of Options Harmony tips from a friend on Monday. So yesterday I was all ready to go and nothing happened. Finally cast on about lunch time today. This is the October pattern (I hope) for the Lace VAriety Club which ships in about 2 weeks so not a lot of time to get it done and we're going to London for 3 days next week so really not a lot of time to get it done. Wonder if I can learn to knit in my sleep. Cobweb lace weight knitting with beads in my sleep?? Perhaps not. Want to be among the first ones to see this stole and have the chance to knit it? Then join the Lace Variety Club before 10 October. That's not the October Lace Variety Club colourway btw, I'm hopoing to start dyieng the club yarn this weekend and haven't quite decided on colour yet, got a few ideas though.

I've just posted the new Sockamania pattern too. This is the sock I was working on on the beach a couple of weeks ago? Remember this one?
The lace pattern I chose is almost identical ot the one I used for the Scrolls Cowl . I love this lace pattern so much I'm working on a pair of handwarmers too. Nearly finished the first one but everything has been put down now in favor of the new lace project.

Might as well reveal October's Sockamania PLUS colour too. The inspiration was the warm early autumn sunshine we've been having lately with atumn colours of burgundy, chestnut and gold shining through. I love it. It's the kind of colourway which doesn't look all that great in the skein but knits up beatifully due to it's randoming dyeing method. Perfect for the Scrolls lace pattern.Yesterday I finally got around to listing some new yarns on Etsy. We've got some new Bambino sock yarn (80% merino/20% bamboo) which is very differetn and much softer and squishier than my previous Bamboo sock yarn. Also got a few skeins of Merino Tencel sock yarn and a couple of lace yarns. Much more to come in the next week. Also listed last month's Sockamania pattern, Twisted Cables, so if you're not a Sockamania member you can get your pattern now. It comes in two size, ladies and mens.I'm advertising on RAvelry this month for the first time. If you see my ad around Ravelry please let me know.

I'm looking for someone who speaks German and might be able to translate something from a German site for me. They've done what looks like a tutorial and linked to my 'Falling in Love' pattern (was in MagKnits and now a free pattern on Ravelry). I'd love to know what they are saying and what the technique they're teaching is. I might learn something new. Here's the link.

Tomorrow I'm at Spin A Yarn in Devon teaching a workshop on lace knitting. I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy knitting!


Sarah said...

Haven't quite got the September socks done but they're beauties and love the Cornish beach influence on the October ones :o)

Judy said...

Lovely yarn. Makes my fingers itch. LOL

Artis-Anne said...

My word you are so busy and so prolific in your creations, do you ever sleep ? LOL. Totally inspiring and I look forward to seeing your new creation.