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Friday, October 03, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the UK October is Breast Cance Awareness Month. this year I've decided to join in the fundraising and I've just listed some Fundraising yarns with $3 from each skein sold being donated to breast cancer charities. So join in the fundraising and get shopping. there is a variety of colours and base yarns and there will be more to come over the weekend.I'm still working on my Breast Cancer Ribbon Scarf which will have all the profit going to breast cancer charities. I WILL get it done this weekend. If you want to grab some of the special fundraising yarn ready to knit the Ribbon scarf then I'm working it in Merino/Tencel but it would look equally good in Bambino or any other sock yarn.

I've been sidetracked today with my new lace project which is very addictive and coming along very nice. Want a sneak preview?
Another one?
The yarn is so soft and gorgeous to work with. It's one of my new lace yarns but I'm not revealing which one yet. I'm also adding beads to this project. I love the colour of the yarn too. It was one of those accidental dyeing incidents. I had something else in mind but it didn't work out so just chucked something else in with it. Love the result.

Las Sunday Simon and I went for a walk in a local wood. It was just a short walk as my back was very painful but I wanted to show you some of the photos. It was a lovely, warm and sunny day. the last warm and sunny day we had. It was sunny today too but it's getting very cold.Our dog Sam:


psalm127 said...

Beautiful...the colour of the yarns, the lace project and the walk you went on.....all simply beautiful

Judy said...

That lace scarf looks loverly!!
What a beautiful lane to walk in. Sorry your back was sore so that you could not enjoy it.