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Friday, September 26, 2008

Colour Therapy

First an update on my tooth - I got it fixed on Tuesday. I was a bit worried I might need a crown as I had a very deep filling in the same tooth in August but luckily it was a diffirent part of the tooth affected this time and it could be patched up.

I've been dyeing some more yarn today. I had planned a quite day of doing very little today. yesterday I taught a sock knitting workshop at Spin A Yarn. It was a brilliant day. My pupils were all very lovely. We had 5 ladies attending and they were all very competent knitters which makes things so much easier. One lady had to cancel at the last minute due to migraine. It takes about 45 mins to drive to the shop from where I live and on the way home the trafic was awful (well it was rush hour) and it took me twice as long to get home. There had been an incident on the Tamar Bridge which led to half an hour of queing before I could cross the bridge, the stretch I spent half an hour quieing on should have taken about 4 mins to drive. I was totally exhausted when I got home. Simon was out on a theology course at chuch which I should have been attending too but I was just too tired! In fact, I kept nodding off in the chair so when I'd put Em to bed at 8pm I went to bed and left Ness to put herself to bed.

But ofcourse i woke up at 3am. So now I'm tired again. Still I decided that some colour therapy would be good today. I've got all this yummy yarn upstairs just waiting for the dye pot. so I pulled out a few skeins of Merino/Tencel and Bambino (which is what I'm calling my new Merino/Bamboo sock yarn which is very different from my old merino/bamboo yarn, so much softer and squishier).

I decided to indulge myself with my favorite colours so I dyed several combos of purples, lilacs, pinks, blues and some reds.

Here's my bathtub towards the end of the dyeing session:
and some merino fibre waiting to be dyed too which I didnt get around to this afternoon.
And some more blobs of colour:

And the colourful line up on my washing line this afternoon:

Doesn't it look beautiful. The pink ones will be some of the Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Yarns I'll be listing in October. There will be some non-pink fundraising yarns too. I'll try and get a progress pic of the Breast Cancer scarf over the weekend. It's progressing nicely.

I'm also hoping ot have some swatching pics for you by Monday. I'm just about to start my next lace stole, in one of my new lace yarns. I've dyed a selection of the new lace yarns this week and they're all dry. Now I've just got to decide which one to send to Pixie for the test knit and which one to knit up myself. It's a touch decision. I promised my sister a stole ages ago so I may do this one for her in time for Christmas. If I do then it's going to have to be a pale pink yarn I dyed as that's her favorite colour. I'm thinking of adding beads too. And as the pattern for the Lace Variety Club is not a secret, only the yarn is, I can tell you that this particular stole will be the October pattern for the club. Or at least that's the plan. Although I don't have much time to knit it up and I do have a couple of other urgent secret projects too. We'll have to see how it goes. Ofcourse there is always the chance Pixie might finish before I do and on time for the lace club. She's a rather superquick knitter and I've just spied some gorgeous spinning pics on her blog so go and take a look. She's getting the hang of spinning rather quickly. I'm impressed. Which remidns me I never got the 2nd half of the gorgeous white/blue bamboo/merino done. Better try to get that spun up over the weekend.

Time for bed now, another early night after my 3am wake up. Although I'm not going to bed asearly as last night. It's 9pm now and it'll be 9.30pm by the time I get to bed. Praying for a full night's sleep tonight.

Have a good weekend everyone. We're having yet more good weather which is excellent but why couldn't we have had some of this gorgeous weather in August.

Had planned a small shop update tonight but the photos didn't come out right, took pics too late I think so will try to do one tomorrow instead.


Joy said...

What a wonderfully colourful washing line :-)

I'm glad to hear your tooth has improved.

Pixie said...

Wow what a gorgeous sight all those dyed yarns and love your bath tub lol

Thank you for your sweet comments :)

Hope you get to finish your spinning, want to see it all done..

Have a great weekend, we seem to have chilly fog! which may well clear by tea time!!! normal for us

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Glad you were able to get your tooth fixed!

The yarn looks great!

As for the issue of Vogue knitting you were asking about on my blog, it's the Fall '08 issue.

psalm127 said...

ooooo. I love the color therapy. I just want to reach out and touch it all. drooole