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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tooth ache and more

The reason for my absence for the last week is a pretty nasty toothache. Last Friday I had to go to the dentist and got antibiotics. Didn't feel too painful on Friday but on Saturday it was agony. I already take quite a few painkillers a day and they're strong too (22 a day) and I was still in agony. Rang emergency dentist but therewas nothing more they could do. Was waking up during hte night to take more painkillers too. The toothache is now nearly gone but I'm still waking up during the night. Neck has been pretty bad too.

My Mum arrived from Norway on Saturday evening so we've been pretty busy doing touristy things. it's been difficult to think of things to do in this miserable wet weather. Yesterady we went ot Bovey Tracey and Spin A Yarn, our local TV station was coming to film a session of the knitting club for their weekly 'What's on West' slot. Most of the regular Tuesday am knitting club members turned up. I brought my Mum and Emily along too who both brought their knitting. The TV presenter was being taugth to knit by Claire Crompton (author of 'The Knitter's Bible and associated books). Joyce (shop owner) and Claire were both interviewed and so were some of the others there, including Emily. We were filmed knitting and chatting. I was filmed close up doing my socks. I knitted as fast as I could so it would look extra impressive. It was a good day but went on much longer than expected so we didn't have time to do the other things we wanted to do. The segment is on this Friday at 6pm on Westcountry News (the Southwest part of ITV).

I've finished another secret project, just need blocking.

And started Sockamania September socks, which were the socks I was knitting on yesterday while being filmed. I love the pattern. They're unisex and I asked Simon last night if they were blokey enough and he said yes.

Kids are proving to be a challenge and I wish the summer holidays were less than 6 weeks long. We're only halfway through.


psalm127 said...

Oh Anni I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I hope it goes away soon.

How exciting to be filmed for a local show. Too fun. I am looking forward to seeing what is up for September. I think September is my last one and I will need to reup. I hope I wasn't suppose to reup for September. My brain is in a fog. Oh well. Vacation is right around the corner...mid September.

BellaMama said...

Hope you get better soon!!

I'm looking forward to September's sock, that's when I found you last year!! Well, off to finish more than I can handle projects!

Really hope your yarn sales keep going up!!