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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rain, rain. GO AWAY!!!!!!!

Please make this rain go away. I've had enough. We're drowning!!! Actually the weather today has been better than some of the days we've had lately. It's not rained all day as usual. It was sunny for a while and I risked putting some washing out. Just the stuff that couldn't go in teh washing machine and I even decided to block my Trellis scarf on the picnic table in the garden. A couple of hours later, I was in Vanessa's bedroom cleaning it ready for my Mum to sleep in there next week and realised it was raining. I dashed outside and grabbed the scarf. Luckily I'd used my new blocking boards, so just picked up the whole length of the blocking boards and managed to get it inside without it all falling apart. Scarf was probably nearly dry when it started to rain and now it's wet again. Never mind, here are some blocking pics.A close up of the stitch pattern:
The blocked length of the scarf fittend my picnic table perfectly. Just the right length but when I brought it in I put it on the dining room table which is shorter and it hung off the edge.
I've knitted this version in Natural Dye Studio merino/tencel 4ply/fingering weight which I bought last October at the Knitting Show at Alexandra Palace. Think this is the first yarn I've knitted up which I bought at the show. Oh no, it's not. i bought some HipKnits Aran Silk which I've knitted up too.

I'm currently working on a version in my new Superwash Merino Plus yarn. This is my carry along, mindless knitting project. Something I can knit in the dark at the cinema until I drop a stitch, knit while chatting and take along in my bag.Got all the skeins for the Lace Variety Club tied up today. The skeins come with 2 ties so I add another two. They're soaking now. I did hope I might be able to start dyeing this afternoon but that was a bit ambitious I think. So if you want to know what this lace yarn will look like in 24 hours you better hurry up and sign up on Etsy. Tomorrow is your last chance for the August mailing.


Ann said...

Love the Trellis scarf - nice pattern & colors.

Pixie said...

Oh you are such a tease, with that blank yarn waiting to be dyed..

Got it dry again today, hope it is where you are..

Loving the scarf and giggling at you bringing in that, before your clothes.. I would do the same, not that I could block outside, Picallo the cat would be all over it!

Probably Jane said...

I was just caught with a line full this weekend too - grrr! Still, my veggies are enjoying it.

The trellis scarf looks very pretty.