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Friday, August 15, 2008


We were on TV tonight. Our local ITV station came ot Spin A Yarn in Bovey Tracey on Tuesday and filmed the knitting group which I go to every month. I brought my Mum and Emily along, who both brought their knitting. Emily was asked about 3 or 4 questions during the filming but only one question was shown in the actual item. My Mum was interviewed too but to her relief they didn't show it alhtough they did show a clip of Em & my Mum sitting next to each other knitting and talking. I was filmed with a close up view of my sock knitting, which is shown several times in the clip. Thought it was a great little clip and we had a lot of fun. took a long time though and we left before they finished as my Mum was starving. At the moment you can watch the whole Westcountry 6 o'clock news programme online here, fast forward until 2nd half of the programme, just after the food item and the knitting is the 'What's on West' item. NOt sure how long it'll be up there. If you do manage to see it, Emily is hte girl interviewed. I only sneaked in one or two quick shots but my hands and the Sockamania September socks are there.

Blocked a secret lace project today and it's looking gorgeous but I can't show you yet. It'll be sent off to a British magazine on Monday. I'm working on another secret project which i started last night and making great progress on. The yarn for this project is a dream to knitwith. It's myHandmaiden Camel Spin which I had earmarked for something else but that idea didn't work and I was desperate to knit something with it. It's gorgeous to knit with.

Got the 2nd Sockamania September sock on teh needles. The first one is done and pattern is typed up. I need to do another size too. I've dyed another batch of the prototype yarn for it so that I can make sure that the larger size work with the yarn (ie doens't pool too badly etc). Sockamania PLUS yarn will be dyed next week sometime, so if you fancy joining head over to Etsy now to sign up.

Must have forgotten to take a pic of the yarn so here is a pic of the yarn knitted up into the August sock patter, Little Flowers, which will be available on Etsy in September.
I wish I could show some more knitting pics but everythign I do these days seem to be secret knitting. I'll have to think of a project to cast on soon that I can share with you during the knitting phase.

Have a lovely weekend.


Barb W. said...

Darn, I tried to watch the newsclip, and see a sneak peak of the September socks, but a message popped up and said it wasn't available in my country. I'll have to wait until September to see the new pattern.

Barb W.

Pixie said...

I recorded it and watched this morning.. those things are always too short! neat to see faces I know..

Posted shawl this morning all these secret projects are fun.. but hard not to say anything about them lol

Hope its drier where you are.. its soggy and horrible here today.

Sarah said...

You're famous :o) What fun!

psalm127 said...

I tried too and got the same message. I searched long and hard to find the link and then couldn't watch it. Oh well September isn't far away and I need to finish my last sock.