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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lace Variety Club revealed

If your Lace Variety club parcel hasn't arrived yet then look away now as I'm about to reveal the yarn. I htink most parcels have arrived so hopefully I own't spoil the surprise for anyone.
If you want to join in time for the August mailing then you've got till Friday. I'm dying the yarn on Friday then sending out the parcels next week. I'm not revealing which yarn I'm using for the August mailing yet but it's a yarn I've never used before. In fact, I'm hoping ot introduce another new yarn during the next 3 months run of hte club too.

Do you knit at the cinema? If you do, then I'm sure you're sensible and dosomething plain in garter stitch or stocking stitch right? Well, I decided to work on my lace scarf while watching 'Angus, thongs and perfect snogging' with my daugter this evening. I did fine for 14 rows then I dropped a stitch and it unravelled a couple of rows and I managed to catch it but trying to work it back up in a lace pattern and in the dark wasn't going to be successful so had to put it away. Damn. It's all fixed now though.

Did I mention that i finsihed the 'Trellis scarf' a few days ago? It was cast on befor eChristmas last year although it's been on hold for most of this year. Once I got going again it didn't take me very long at all. I really love my new Superwash Merino Plus (merino/nylon) sock yarn so much and I had this gorgeous green colourway sitting around so I decided ot cast on for another Trellis scarf a couple of days ago. Ido have another priority project right now which needs finishing but I also need an easy, knit anywhere project and that's my Trellis scarf. I've got the pattern pretty much memorised now. I'll try and get the first one blocked tomororw and the pattern written up sometime this week. If I can get it done, it might be on Etsy by next week. Depends on weather and my model co-operating.

Also finsihed my short version of 'Celtic Cable Heel' socks so I'll try to get a pic of them done too. I only had the heel to do so half an evenign and it was done.

Next socks otn are the September Sockamania socks. I promised to do a pair of man (or unisex) socks next time as this month's was the rather girly 'LIttle Flowers' and I've been looking at stitch patterns and I may ahve made a decision. I've test dyed some yarn too.

Back to my knitting.

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psalm127 said...

oh how beautiful. Sorry about the dropped stich. I can't knit in the dark. Have to atleast attempt to see what I am doing lol. Looking forward to Septembers sock yarn and pattern. Maybe DH will finally get a pair of socks from me. August socks are knitting up nicely. I descovered a mistake on my part but sense they are mine I don't think people will get that close to see what I did. LOL Thanks for all that you are doing.