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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Give me a bed!

Thought I'd try to write a quick blog post before I fall asleep. Don't have time for a nap as I've got dentist in just over an hour. My tooth ache from 10 days ago hasn't cleared up properly and when I rang my dentist on Friday he decided to do a root canal today as I was due for my 6 monthly check upthis afternoon anyway.

Since my tooth ache started I've slept through the night without waking up at all once. The first few nights it was the toothache that kept me awake but for the last week it'sbeen my neck pain and headaches.Most nights I get up, take some painkillers, watch the Olympics and do some knitting until painkillers kick in then go backto bed. Last night I woke up at 4am and stayed inbed hoping I'd get back to sleep. At 5.30am I gave up and got up, took painkillers. After a while of watching telly I felt tired again and should have gone back to bedbut was worried about waking Simon up. He's been waking up very early lately and is on holiday this week so I thought he deserved a lie in so I fell as leep in the chair instead. IT's a recliner so very comfy. I had a lazy morning and eventually got dressed and I've got a few things done today.

Got the Sockamania September sock yarn in to soak and had hoped ot dye it before the dentist but I'm too tired. Also got parcels to wrap up and get to the post office on way to the dentist. The house is a mess. Got tons of washing to do. Tidying up to do and my grocery delivery to finish putting away.

Why am I in such a state and in so much pain? The last 3 weeks have been very busy. First with our church's Bible Camp, then unpacking/sorting out stuff from that and getting ready for my Mum. Had a great week with my Mum last week and my Dad came too last Thursday. They went home again Sunday morning. We went out every day and did touristy things. It's great but I find it very exhausting and not good for my back. In addition I've got some design deadlines. About to end off to more items to Yarn Forward magazine and trying to decided whether or not to submit to Twist Collective and Knitty. Both have submision deadlines soon. Also got another pattern to work on for a magazine and a design competition for a forum I belong to. Add to that Sockamania and I'm pretty busy.

Still only secret knitting going on so nothing to show. My current priority project is a lace item and its the first time I've designed a knitted on border that goes all the way around a rectangular piece of lace. It took a bit of math to work it out and I was so pleased yesterday when it all worked out. I rounded the first two corners and the short side last night and today I've been motoring down the long side. I wish I could show you pics as it's looking fantastic.

A special promotion in my Etsy shop right now. Free shipping on all yarn and a free pattern with every skein of yarn purchased. So if you buy 3 skeins of yarn you can get 3 patterns. You choose the patterns ofcourse and they're sent to you by e-mail.

Happy shopping.

1 comment:

Pixie said...

I hope your pain eases for you soon and you get some good sleep in.. your going to burn yourself out at this rate..
Your current project sounds intriguing, well done you on the maths and did you get the shawl from me? hope so..
Good luck with all the submissions :)

Now if this weather would brighten up, things might improve lol