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Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy birthday

to me! Yes it's my birthday and no, i'm not telling you how old I am. Although 40 is getting very, very close. Not sure what we're doing today. Weather is miserable again. Had nice weather over the weekend and I was hoping it would last for todaybut it hasn't. Going out for an Indian meal tonight. I'm getting a digital camera for my birthday which is on order. I'm desperate for it to arrive and hoping it'll arrive tomorrow am but somehow I doubt it. Also got money to buy Photoshop which I've wanted for ages. Also a few little presents including a candle form Vanessa and necklace from Emily.

Girls are spending this week with their grandparents and had a great day yesterady apparently. Simon is off this week too so we're looking forward to a chid-free week. It's nice and important I think to spend some time together as a couple once in a while.

Yesterday the weather wasn't too bad. Dry and sunnyish. We went up on the moors for a walk with the dog in the afternoon and there were lots of ponies around so I decided ot take some pics with my phone. Not brilliant quality.

A beautiful stallion:

Views over local country side. The village I lived in when I first lived in England is in the distance.
The quarry in the distance is called 'Golddiggings' and is filled with water. the girls love going swimming there.

I've got a cuople of finished projects too but nothing I can show. One of them is absolutely gorgeous though. And I wish I could show you but I can't.... yet. Cast on for another 2 secret projects last night. I promise you something I can share soon.


Pixie said...

Happy Birthday Anni,
shame the sun has gone on us again!

Hope the camera does turn up for you tomorrow, bank hols do through things out though!

Love the photos of the ponies :)

Have a great meal tonight and hope to see you in the week, if your coming up this way..

Joy said...

Happy Birthday Anni, it's my nephew's birthday today too :-)

Just to let you know that the girls on Knitting Haven were asking after you the other day.

Quesselchen said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a great day despite the weather!
A nice lazy day is a great thing.... ;)

marit said...

Gratulerer med dagen! Håper det ble en fin en:-)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Anni - wish it was sunny for you.

Love your moors photos. What village is in the distance? - I've been squinting to see if I could work out where you were :o)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Anni! I hope you'll have a wonderful day and that your family will spoil you today. :)

Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Happy birthday to you! I hope you get your digital camera tomorrow. That would be awesome!

Ingalill said...

Med en enkel tulipan på bemärkelsedagen ber jag att få gratulera dagens födelsedagsbarn. Hoppas dagen varit bra!

Holly Burnham said...

Happy, happy birthday Anni.

I am so pleased you are going to have PhotoShop. You will love it and it will show all your beautiful yarns and knits up properly!

psalm127 said...

Happy Birthday! Oh I am close to 40 too but on the other side. lol Have a wonderful day and kid free for the have fun. Laura