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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Socks and sunny yarns

I can't believe it's July already. Yesterday I had a fab day at Spin A yarn in Devon. I met up with Pixie again and the usual crowd from the knitting group and we had a great morning chatting and knitting. Lately I've been reading the lates yarn Harlot book, Thins I learned from Knitting, and at the end of the obok there are some observations on knitting groups and how knitters from all sorts of different backgrounds and political persuations etc who probably wouldn't get on normally are suddenly getting on like a hosue on fire and I think that's true. At knitting group you meet people of all ages and from all walks of life and everyone has something in common.

As it's July it's time to reveal the Sockamania socks for July and here they are:

Two versions this month, the standard version

and the trainer sock version.

I designed these with heel-less shoes like crocs and clogs in mind, or if you like wearing socks with your sandals. These heels are too good to hide.

Lately i've been working on one or two secret projects. One of themtook me a long time to finalise the design. I started out with a name then worked the design around that, then dyed the yarn. Every time I knitted on it I had doubts and last night it just wasn't jelling with me at all so I made a big decision to redesign the whole thing. So this morning it was back to my notebook and charts. Teh new design is now finalised. I've chosen my new yarn and started again. Only done a few rows but so far much happier.

I'm also working on this sunny combo:

I'm not going to tell you what it is yet but the yarn is Posh Yarn's Emily in two sunny combos.

lacking sun in your life. How about this to brighten up your life?

Three sunny yarns destined for my Etsy shop later or tomorrow. Two of them are Luscious Lace and one is Lacy Merino.

And I'll leave you with my latest handspun. BFL from Dragon Fibre. 220 gr of sportsweight yarn.


Pixie said...

Yesterday was great, and what a change in the weather! well it is for us as its been tipping it down here.
That yarn Harlot book sounds good and she is right.
I love the sunny coloured yarn and what you have spun is gorgeous :)
Love the sock pattern, downloaded mine.. might do that after swallowtail shawl is done.

Judy said...

Love that sunny combo thingy. What is it and will you be posting/selling the design?