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Friday, June 27, 2008

Lots of parcels

Look at all those parcels which I've jsut dropped off at the post office. They're the Sockamania PLUS July parcels. All packed up this morning. I love doing the clubs but it's such hard work adn I was feeling really rough this morning and the parcels are a few days late. All I wanted to do was curl up in bed. I did allow myself half an hour nap in my recliner chair when the girls went to school. It was a struggle to concentrate though but I knew I wanted them all out of the house before the weekend.

Did I remember to show you the June Sockamania yarn? isn't it bright and gorgeous. if you want to join Sockamania head over to Etsy now to join up in time for August. And while we're drooling over yarn, here's the May Sockamania yarn.

This popped through the door today. It's the latest Yarn Forward magazine and my re-subscription gift of some laceweight cashmere. I'm not sure about the colour and I may over dye it to tone it down a bit. Talking about Yarn Forward. Have you heard that as from October there will be 10 issues a year and they'll be on sale in UK newsagents too. Now you can only buy them online and through a small number of stockists I think. Well done to Kerrie and Lou. I know Kerrie had some rough times before Lou joined her and well done to her for sticking it out. I'm also very excited as I've posted off a new design for a future issue of Yarn Forward today.
I allowed myself a quick flick through the magazine before getting back to parcel wrapping. Lots of gorgeous patterns and good reads in there.

Also had anohter treat in the post today. My YarnYard club fiber for June. Gorgeous colourway in Wensleydale this time. I've not spun Wensleydale yet so I'm looking forward to that.

I've managed to fit in a little bit of spinning the last two evenings. So I've managed to spin this:
I've also got this bobbin full to bursting point. Hoping to finish spinning the 2nd half this weekend so I can ply it next week. I've got 200gr in total. Not sure what to make yet but want to knit something nice for me. It should be about a 4ply ish weight.

this weekend, we (or rather Simon) are painting the kitchen. We had our new kitchen fitted back inFebruary but unfortunately it coincided with Simon's tennis elbow injury so we never got the painting done. This is the tester we g0t and I was amazed Simon let me choose a purple colour but I'm thinking after painting one of the walls in the tester last night (and I did that) that it's too purple and too dark so we're gonig for the same shade but a lighter version.

Back to some knitting and I'm working on another YarnForward design so no pics.

have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx

Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

Anonymous said...

nice blog isnt it?

berto xxx

Leigh said...

Hi Anni, I just saw your first post to the Online Guild and thought I'd come visit your blog and welcome you to the OLG at the same time. Lovely yarns, especially those Wensleydale singles.

psalm127 said...

Oh the yarn you spun is beautiful. I went over and signed up so I can get fiber to spin too. I am looking forward to July's yarn.

Joy said...

Your June yarn is lovely Anni :-)

Skein Queen said...

Gorgeous spun yarn! Yummy!