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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sock Treats

I've got some new sock inspiration which arrived yesterday. I've had my eyes on the Cat Bordhi book for ages and nearly bought it at teh beginning of the year but decided to wait a few months. it's not that easy to get hold of and the two UK online shops that I'd seen stocked it, were sold out. So when I saw that Socktopus had it back in stock, I had to get it. At the same time I treated myself to one of the Lucy neatby Sock techniques dvds. I got volume 2.I was determined to avoid adding any yarn to my Socktopus order but this gorgeous Handmaiden Camelspin was just too tempting. I got one skein and then realised I already had two skeins in exactly the same colour in my stash. I've got them all out. I'm trying to decide between a shawl or a hat/scarf set. I don'twear hats veryoften but probably will do when we go to Norway next winter and this yarn is jsut so incredibly soft I might even enjoy wearing a hat. But at the same time, I'd love wraping myself up in a luscious shawl knitted in this yarn which is camel and silk. And incredibly soft. Three skeins should make a decent sized shawl. I think the shawl idea is winning and ideas for a design are forming in my head but I'm resisting casting on as I've got other stuff to do first.

One of the more urgent wips is this one. It started out as this

but I wasn't happy with hte design so it's now being thrown in the frog pond. When I worked on it it just didn't gel with me at all. So yesterday I started with a new design instead and I'm much happier. I didn't have time to dye more yarn so I'm working this one in undyed yarn, wasn't happy with the original colour either.

And I've started another spinning project. I eventually decided on this gorgeosu merino/bamboo from Dragon Fiber. teh colours are just so gorgeous together and I love spinning merino/bamboo. This is how much I managed yesterday evening.


Pixie said...

Wow that merino and bamboo, is gorgeous, oh to spin like that lol.. I have read the book you lent me, now to put it to practice!
I love my Sock book, and I hope you do too, and good luck with the DVD.. Oh my that Camelspin is beautiful.. you will come up with some lush with that.. Good luck with the design..
Have a great day

Probably Jane said...

Such glorious knitting and spinning!. I've just spun some merino bamboo and it's got the most wonderful drape. I love the colours in yours.

PS I can thoroughly recommend the Little Gem - it's such a comfortable wheel as you can adjust the height and the angle of the flyer so there is much less back strain from twisting round or leaning forward. I find I can spin for much longer on it than my Ashford.