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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Remember a couple of days ago I reported summer missing? Well, it's been found. It's sunshine here in Cornwall today. Okay, don't all fall off your chairs. I was shocked this morning when I looked out of the window, especially as they didn't forecast good weather. Well, got to make the most of it. Washing is on the line and so is the last of the Lace Club Yarn which will be posted tomorrow, unless it's dry and I can catch the post this afternoon.

I've got no finished stuff of my own to show you so I thought I'd share with you a friend's FO. Laura knitted the Scrolls cowl knitted in Luscious Lace Grey Skies. It's gorgeous, don't you think? Apparently all her girls love it and have all ordered one. I think Laura will be busy for a while.

Talking about the Lace Variety Club, did I share last month's yarn with you? Don't remember. Well here it is:

Merino Lace in a lovely blue colour. If you want to join the Lace VAriety Club there are a few memberships available still, but be quick. Places are very limited and I'm reducing numbers for next month as at the moment it's over subscribed and the max I can cope with is 30.

I'll share this month's yarn in a few weeks. It'sgorgeous though.

As we're sharing, perhaps it's time to show pics of the Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club too. The yarn on it's own and here it's knitted up into the short version of the Celtic Cable Heel Socks.
Which leads me nicely onto another celtic cable pattern. When we went to Norway in May i spent an evenign or two converting the Celtic Cable pattern into a fair isle pattern and here it is:
The colours are the colours of hte Cornish Rugby Team. The pattern isn't quite ready yet and for the final verison I want to change the heel for a short row heel which I think will look better.

Off to enjoy the sunshine.


Tama said...

OH! I love the fair isle version of that Celtic cable!!! Will that be next months Sockamania pattern? I am glad you are having some summer weather finally. I wish I was having some of your rain!! It has been nothing but HOT and DRY for months! I guess that can be expected though--I live in the desert.

Kate said...

Det var på tide at sommeren kom, er bare å nyte dagene mens man har sjansen.
Her regner det igjen, men har det koselig inne med nyvasket hus og levende lys, ja, og litt strikking.

psalm127 said...

Love the lace yarn. Wish I could sign up for the club. I started taking pictures of my stash yesterday and uploading it to Raverly. Oh my I was unaware of what I had. I gave up for now...or I am just taking a break so I can do fun stuff like knit. Enjoy