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Friday, July 18, 2008

And it's gone again...

...summer that is, or at least the sun. It was raining again today but the weather man promised more sunshine on Sunday and hopefully it may stay a little longer then. I went to Plymouth today to meet a lovely knitting friend, Marianne. We meet at the Theatre coffee bar for some knitting once or twice a month. We didn't have as much time today as normal but we got a bit of knitting done. Marianne is working on Fetching from Knitty and I helped her do a sewn bind off a she didn't like the picot bind off she did for her first pair. She's knitting her 2nd pair in a gorgeous colour of Noro Silk Garden and has made a longer cuff. I tried the first one on today and it's gorgeous. I'm so jealous. I may have to knit myself a pair.

I came home to a big box of yarn. The sock yarn for the Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock Club and the lace yarn for August's Lace Variety Club. And some more Luscious Lace. The Merino sock yarn is a new merino I'm trying. It's got 20% nylon in it which should make it harder wearing. I was quite keen to see it nad touch it to see if it's as soft as my normal merino and it is. I love it. It's very squishable. The reason I decided to go for a different merino this month is that Ispent last week skeining 35 skeins of lace weight yarn off cones and it killed my right shoulder. The sock yarn needs to be done next week and my normal merino comes on cones and I just couldn't face more skeining. Just hope all my members like it......

Last night I went to hte Tangled Threads knitting group which meets at the pub in Tideford every 3rd Thursday of the month. There were only 4 of us last night but we had a great time. I has cast on for the Sockamania socks for August before I went. I've had the pattern planned in my head for ages so thought it'd just be a case of getting it knitted up then when I had done the cuff (and I actually got half the heel done last night) I didn't like it. The other girls at the knitting group assured me it looked good but when I got home at 10.30pm I looked at it again and hated it. Not happy at all with it. So frogged it. Panicked, thinking I've left it too late to come up with anything this month. Then had an idea. And cast on again. Had to knit enough to make sure it would work so ended going to bed at midnight. But itworks and I love it. Now I've just got to make a decision on the yarn colour. If you still want to join Sockamania PLUS you can if you join before Sunday evening. Pop over to Etsy and look in the 'clubs' section.

Got two main projects to work on and finsh this weekend. The Sockamania August socks and a secret project which I'm nearly done with. So back to the sofa, some Thorntons chocs and my socks.

Have a great weekend. x

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