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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Needlerolls, spinning and Luscious Lace

As predicted I was feeling tired today and in quite a lot of pain which I was expecting as I've had a busy two days attending a spinning workshop. I learned a lot, although the course was aimed at a complete beginner and I'm not a compelete beginner, just almost one. And I've no idea why my words are underlined today so if it's annoying yo uas much as it is me blame Blogger.

I learned how to card which is more difficult than it looks, and how to blend fibers. And the most important thing I wanted to learn was Navajo plying as my spinning book doesn't show how to do this. I also had the chance to spin with a variety of wools and had some advice on spinning my precious baby camel from Twisted Hare Fiberarts
. This fibre is just so precious and I want to spin a very special yarn from it. I played with blending it with silk but I'm not sure I like it. And now the underlining is gone, who knows why?!!

Here is 2 mini skeins I spun. The brown/white one is differetn breeds of sheep. and the one with brown, white and purple and pink is some brown and white alapca blended with pink or purple BFL and some white sheeps fleece.
These two gorgeous needle rolls are made by a very talented local textile artist, Ali. She's talented at all sorts of textile and fiber arts and has made these very special, one of a kind needle rolls. The largest one will fit long needles and the medium one the slightly shorter needles. They've both got several internal pockets which will fit straight needles, circular needles and double pointed needles and accessories. The ties are long so even when you cram it full of needles you can still close it. The outer fabric is linen and it's lined with cotton. I'm selling thse two cases on Etsy. This is just a trial for me and Ali and they are a one off.

This is some of the Luscious Lace I've listed on Etsy today. Luscious Lace is the name for my new laceweight cashmere/silk yarn. It's stunning, gorgeous, luscious, sumptious, shimmering and incredibly soft. I'm selling it in 55gr skeins which is 400 yards/366m and enough to make a gorgeous lace scarf. For a shawl you'd probably need 2 skeins or maybe 3 depending on the pattern. Although it's a thicker laceweight it knits up incredibly light. I've got a shawl on the go in this yarn right now and Pixie is test knitting one for me too. This yarn is all I want ot knit with right now. But I do have some other beauties on the go too.

If you fancy seeing what this looks like in colour, then join Sockamania PLUS Merino Sock club now. This is the April yarn and the April sock is hiding underneath. It's abit more colourful than the picture. And yes, in April you will receive either 2 full skeins or 1 full skein and one partial skein. So hurry up and join now. I'm dyeing hte yarn this weekend so get in quick before all the spaces are gone.


Laura said...

I couldn't resist - I've just ordered more of your beautiful yarn, 2 skeins of Luschious Lace in Elegant. It's exactly the colour combination I've been looking for, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet - another shawl maybe. I'll have to crochet something special with it.

Pixie said...

I am loving knitting in this yarn, totally gorgeous :)
The boys are even amazed how soft and light it feels..
Oh the intrigue on Aprils socks.. your are a tease lol

Those mini skeins are cute and must be nice to play..

You take it easy :)

kathryn said...

I love your Luscious Lace - silk/cashmere has such a lovely drape!

Do you have any plans for any pastel blues or greens or mushroomy/neutral shades? You know - those really pale ones. They seem quite hard to find.

Tama said...

I love cashmere/silk. Is there a better yarn out there? No way! I'm scared to go look at it in your store--I will end up with some for sure! and I don't need it because I have a whole bunch of it already. Really though, can you ever have too much cashmere/silk yarn? (NO!)

Laura said...

Oh... oh... , my yarn has just arrived. *yarngasm* it's gorgeous!

psalm127 said...

OOOOOO I love Aprils yarn It is soooo pretty. ha ha. April is a special month My birthday lol so this will be my birthday socks. Looking forward to getting my parcel.