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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free pattern

This pattern was finished ages ago but it's taken me weeks if not months to get around to writing up the pattern. I've got a thing about chevron patterns right now and I'm working on a stole design using a similar chevron pattern but in a different way.

I've decided to offer this pattern for free as it's really very simple. And here it is:

Ripples Scarf
By Anni Design

4mm/US6 needles
1 skein YarnAddict Yarns Merino Sock
Yarn or Merino 4ply
Or 100gr alternative 4ply/fingering
weight yarn

k – knit
tbl – through back of loop
yo – yarn over (make an extra stitch by
moving working yarn between needles to
the front, over right needle to the back
and continue k, on next round knit the
stitch tbl)
m1 – make one (make a stitch by lifting
the strand between 2 stitches and k tbl)
st – stitch(es)
K2tog – k 2 stitches together
ssk – slip 2 stitches onto right needle,
then knit through both stitches
rep - repeat

Pattern notes:
This scarf is perfect for self striping yarn
and is worked in garter stitch(knit ever
row). You can make the increases using
either m1 or yo. If you use m1, then k the
st as normal on next row. If using yo, then
ktbl the yo stitches on next row.

Not important in this pattern.

Cast on 40 st.
R1 – k all st
R2 – k all st
R3 – k3, *ssk x3, (yo or m1, k1) x5, yo or
m1, k2tog x3*. Rep from * to * once more,
R4 – k all st
Rep these 4 rows until you reach desired
length. Bind off loosely.

Copyright – Anni Design, March 2008
Please do not sell or distribute this
pattern or items made from it without
my prior permission.

1 comment:

Debby said...

Thanks for the free pattern. I am going to give it a try.