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Monday, March 10, 2008

Luscious Yarn

This was written on Monday evening but Blogger was playing up and wouldn't let me post. Now it's Tuesday morning and I'm off for day 2 of the spinning course. Not sure how long I'll last today as my back is a bit stiff. And the weather is still bad.
The first of a brand new luxury yarns is about to hit my Etsy shop and it's called Luscious Lace and is a Silk/Cashmere blend. It's a heavy laceweight at 400 yards per 55 gr skein. It's just incredibly soft and shiny. Real luxury to work with. Knits up into beautiful, featherlight shawls. I've only dyed my fist batch of this yarn last week and some has already been caston by me. But I've bought this yarn from other indie dyers before and one of the projects i knitted with it is this 'Victoria Shawl' for my Mum from Victorian Lace Today.

A week ago I was feeling really awful, well, I'm pleased to report I'm feeling a lot better. The doctor prescriped some new medication which has eased my neck pain and headaches a lot. It's not all gone and I'm still taking too many painkillers every day but I'm down from 16 a day to about 12-13. And they're strong, on prescription only painkillers. I've been sleeping a lot better too which makes a huge difference. thank you for all those who commented on my last post and for your good wishes. I really appreciate all the support.

Now it's time to reveal the March Sockamania yarn. YOu may have already seen the socks around the online knitting world. If you'd liketo join Sockamania PLUS and receive a skein of yarn and the pattern pop over to Etsy now. You need to sign up soon as I'll be closing sign ups for April later this week. I'm hoping to start dyeing hte april yarn on Thursday or Friday and sign ups will close then. And there is a bonus for April as the package will contain a lot more than 100gr yarn.

Here's the March socks

And here's a yarn pyramid:

As you can see not all the skein are identical. the way I dyed this colourway was a fun new way for me. I also dyed it in 3 batches and in the last batch something went wrong with the colour mix and I ended up with purple instead of blue. Not quite sure how that happened. All the skeins had some purple in them. Basically they were dyed in pale blue then overdyed with navy and purple. It was a fun way of doing it and a method that created individual skeins and there was no way of getting two skeins the same. Although I did try to use the same amount of dye for each skein.

Today i've been to Spin A Yarn for a spinning workshop. I'm going tomorrow too. I didn't stay all day today and I won't tomorrow either. By 2.30 I'd had enough and so had my neck/back. I'm tired now and off to bed soon. It's a beginners workshop nd the other 3 ladies haven't spun before I don't think. I obvoiusly have having had a wheel since christmas but I'm still a beginner and i've learnt a lot today and hoping to learn more tomorrow.


Pixie said...

Gorgeous yarn photos and well done on learning at the spinning workshop
Glad to hear the meds are helping you and hope its not too windy down your way

Tama said...

I am glad to hear that you are doing better. I know all about the pain killer issues--between what I went through and what my husband is still going through.

That new Luscious Lace is GORGEOUS! I may have to get some. For what I don't know--maybe just to feed the stash some more (not that it needs it!)

Haven't heard about your adventures spinning some of the fiber you got from me. Have you tried it yet?