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Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm rattling

First a big thank you to all of you who commented on m ylast post re environmentally friendly yarn etc. It's a confusing issue that's for sure.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may know that I suffer from chronic neck and back pain. Lately it's been really bad and gettng worse and I've been suffering very severe headaches, difficulties sleeping and waking up in a lot of pain during the night. I also suffer from underactive thryroid and although I'm supposedly taking the right amount of medicationto regulate it I'm still feeling pretty awful most of the time. Lately my main problem apart from the headaches has been extreme lethargy. Some days I'm worn out all day and struggle to get anything but knitting done. I can knit half asleep in a chair all day if I wanted to.

So today I went ot the doctors. I was hoping she'd suggest another thyroid blood test but don't need one until June. As for my neck pain/headaches she suggested a new drug. I'm already taking a lot of painkillers, antiinflammatories and other drugs to control the pain and I've tried a huge number of different drugs and alternative treaments in the past and I've had spinal surgery. I don't go to the doctor very often now re my neck as althouhg my doctor is lovely and understanding, when it comes to chronic back pain doctors are a bit useless. Not much they can do really. I was taking between 18 and 22 tablets a day, mostly 22 lately as I've been taking the max amount of painkillers I can. That's two diferent types, 8 of each a day. all these meds, apart from making me rattle, can't be good for me either. So hoping I might be able to cut down onsome pills I'm now on more. the doctor suggested a new drug. I've forgotten the name now but it might work for the pain which means I can cut down on the painkillers. I'm willing to try it but to be honest I'm a bit sceptic as I've tried so many different things in the past. But I'll keep you posted.

Now a bit of yarniness to cheer me up. Had a bit of an Etsy update yesterday evening. Managed to sneak online while Em was in the bath and get some yarn uploaded. Some is stuff that's been dyed a while back and not gotten listed yet and some is last week's dyeing. Still got some more to list. There's Merino Lace and 4ply, a couple of skeins of Merino Sock Yarn, Bamboo and Cashmere.

And I've got a brand new yarn launching soon. I dyed a small batch last week. It's gorgeous. Some of it I already have plans for myself but there may be a skein or two listed tonight or tomorrow. If not I'll be dyeing more of it on Wednesday which will be listed by the end of the week.


Peachy said...

ooh, pretty yarn again!

I really hope that you can switch to the new medication/treatment, your condition really sounds awful. I'm just feeling lame saying that, so I'll send you all my good vibes so it'll get better anyway soon, however accomplished!

Kate said...

Jeg føler med deg, Anni, og håper at de nye tablettene virker. Nakke og hodesmerter er bare så pyton. Si ifra om du trenger hejlp til å poste ut månedens mønstre, jeg hjelper gjerne til.

God bedring klem fra Kate

Joy said...

Anni I am sorry you are feeling so unwell - I do hope the new medication works.

Thank you again for the lovely gift bag :-)

Sarah said...

Sorry you're in a bad patch - hope that they can get your thyroid sorted at least - my Mum has an underactive thyroid and they recently upped her does even though her tests were showing normal - has made the world of difference.

TutleyMutley said...

How horrible - to feel washed out, lethargic, in pain, out of sorts, all the time. Positive vibes and hugs your way, Anni, and hope you feel much better soon...

That blue yarn - yummmmm.

Torhild Reidardatter said...

So sorry you feel so bad... Hope the new drug works for you..
I send some magic your way..
The yarn is yummy , especially the blue..

Debby said...

Oh, the yarn is beautiful. I hope you are better now. How are the new meds working? It is hard to deal with being lethargic (sp??) I have had bouts of it and not fun.