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Monday, March 17, 2008

Too tired

Too tired to blog tonight but check this post out by Pixie. She's the first to test knit this new pattern for me. I've got another ocuple of test/sample knitters lined up too. The pattern should be done with beads and one of my other test knitters will be doing one with beads. There is still some Luscious Lace (cashmere/silk) available on Etsy. Got another small delivery of it today so there will be some more colourways soon. I'm knitting anotehr shawl in it and it's gorgeous. It's all I want to knit with now.

Like I said I'm too tired so now I'm off to bed.

Nite x


Barb W. said...

Anni I love this pattern. As soon as it is available, let me know. I'll order both the yarn (is one skein enough)and the pattern at the same time.
Do you ever dye your yarn in soft shades of browns?

TutleyMutley said...

Hey Anni, i would always be very happy to test knit a pattern for you! I inadvertently test knit the snake river socks off the internet for an American designer so I've had some practice.
I have STILL got yours (and Mytilus') prize from January (gasp) sitting here. I'm hoping to get down your way sometime before summer, unless you let me know when you're coming up to bovey again? XXX

Artis-Anne said...

ohh whata yummy shawland your yarn sounds so gorgeous too, I really must do another shawl soon .
Thanks for your coments on my blog and yes felting is not something I can do a lot of for the same reasons as yourself which is a shae as its great fun. I have found though that things like the slippers that take more time to felt I can do a bit at a time and then leave it until the following day to finish off and it seems to work. In fact I then wore them in the bath to get them to shrink to fit proberly LOL

Pixie said...

Thanks for the link Anni and I hope you find some rest time soon.. just hit the 3rd ball so the finish line is in sight lol
Will be sad to see this project end as its been a fun one..
Can't wait to see what the beaded one looks like.