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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sockamania revealed

I don't remember if I posted pics of February's Sockamania PLUS yarn. But if I forgot here it is:

I loved the colourway and so did most of the members. I'm in the process of winding the skeins for March' yarn now and although officially the joining should be closed by now. There are 2 or 3 spaces left so if you fancy joining us for March then please check out my Etsy shop.

You need to be quick though as I'm closing for new members for March on Thursday evening, UK time. I'm dyeing the first batch of the club yarn tomorrow. I've been moved out into the garage now and it's a bit cold this week but it's sunny and dry. Simon hasn't set up a proper workstation for me yet but I'm hoping he'll get around to it soon. Will be nice to get out of the kitchen but I was hoping for something a bit nicer than the garage. It's a nice big garage though and right nowit's reasonably tidy.

Another thing I wanted to tell you all about is a brand new exciting online yarns shop, Yarny Goodness. It's owned by a friend of mine, Pam the Knitter.
Pam is passionate about indie dyed yarns and is stocking all indie dyed yarns and handmade knitting accessories in her shop. And there will be some of my yarns available there soon. The first box I sent, which was huge, full of sock yarn, has gotten lost in the post it looks like. Very annoying, to put it mildly. I wish I'd split it into smaller parcels now. Also sent 3 smaller parcels of mainly Merino Lace one of which has arrived. Some of my patterns will also be for sale in Pam's shop. I'll also be sending her another load of sock yarn soon to replace the missing box and hopefully some Bamboo sock yarn (when/if my delivery finally arrives) and hopefully some Cashmere Lace. After the Sockamania parcels go out next week, my priority is to get some more sock yarn dyed for Pam.

On the knitting front, I'm still knitting socks for Em's Isle of Wight trip. I've done two pairs for Em. I've nearly finished the first sock of a pair for a freind's son who is also going. Then I'm going to finish the first Sockamania March sock, half done. Then try to knit another pair for Em. That way she'll have a pair for every day they're there apart from the day they arrive. HOpefully that'll keep her feet nice and warm. Luckily she really loves hand knitted socks.


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

Thank you, Anni. For anybody who reads this, all but one bug have been fixed, and Hubster is working on the PayPal interface - we hope it will be done by tonight. I want to thank everyone for their patience.

Anni, I'm so sorry about that first box. I wish there was something I could do from this end to try and find it. Sigh. The yarn I did get, though, is gorgeous! It will go in the update on Tuesday.

Skein Queen said...

Bummer about the missing box. You are good knitting all those socks for Em - she will be snug as a bug.