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Friday, February 22, 2008

Socks, socks, socks & 2 circs

Yes, you read that right. I've embraced knitting socks on 2 circs. I remember not that long ago saying I wasn't at all interested in learning to knit socks, even 2 at a time, on 2 circs. Loved my dpns and all that. And yes, for those of you who've known me fo a while, it's not all that long ago I insisted that I didn't like knitting socks at all. Hadn't knitted socks since my teens and found it pretty boring then. Back to the circs. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks. Decided it couldn't be that difficult. BAsically the same as knitting on dpns except you have the stitches on circs instead. Struggled a little with getting going on the first one but now there is no stopping me. Here I am halfway through the first pair I did. they're kids' socks. For the son of a friend of mine. He's going on the same Isle of Wight trip Em is going on next week and she couldn't get hold of walking boot socks in his size so Ioffered to knit some. I was relieved to hear he loves them.

Here are the two pairs finished. Blue green ones are Yarn Yard Organic merino and the others are Yarn Yard sock yarn. Both yarns have been in my stash for a while. And were about the only boyish colours I had. Only offered to knit them last weekend so no time for more yarn shopping.

Here are Em's socks for Isle Of Wight:

Jitter bug which I love knitting with

and Tofutsies which I hated knitting with.

I'm hoping to sneak in another pair this weekend, but got to finish hte samples for Sockamania March first. Hoping to get at least close to finishing those tonight.
So what's the best thing about knitting socks on 2 circs: Being able to knit 2 socks simultaneously. I've been suffering from severe 2nd sock syndrome over recent months. I always seem to have at least one pair of socks otn but I'm running out of socks to wear. Hopefully this will solve my problem.
this wonderful book, Color in Spinning, arrived today after a 2 month wait. I was getting rather impatient and stroppy. But thrilled it's finally here. Just had a flick through so far but it looks fabolous. I wanted it to teach me about dyeing fibres and colour combining in spinning which I find much more difficult than colour combining in hand dyed yarns. Going to get some fibre ready to dye for next week to practice my new knowledge. 2 back copies of Spin Off arrived today too and it's made me want to grab my wheel again. Been resisting it this week to get the Isle of Wight socks done and I need to finish the samples for Sockamania before i touch the wheel.
There's been a touch of stash enhancement here lately.
2 gorgeous skeins of Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend, my new favorite yarn. The red/purple combo is just stunning.
Art Yarns Regal Silk

Collinette Shimmer, love this colour. my local craft shop is getting more and more Collinette yarns in every week now. The one on the right is Mirasol, think its alapca/merino/silk mix and is for a present.

100gr of Shetland Sock Wool from an Ebay seller who actually lives about 10 mins drive from me. Onlyrealised that when the parcel arrived.Never knitted with Shetland wool before.

And Cascade Dolce (think it's called Dolce), it's a merino/alpaca and silk blend. So soft.Once the Sockamania socks are done and the last Isle of Wight pair then I'm casting on with one of the above yarns. Not sure which one yet. It's probably going to be the Mirasol as it's a present which needs to be done. Not decided exactly what to knit with it yet though. Then after that it's the Manos Silk Blend. It's just too gorgeous for words.

Another surprise yarn parcel arrived today. It was a parcel with 3 skeins of my yarn that I sent off to hte US in November which has gotten lost. At least it got returned to me. That's only 2 of several lost parcels that have made it back to me. No news yet on the big box of Merino Sock Yarn for Yarny Goodness yet. Hope it'll eventually make it to the destination or back to me. Shame for all those gorgeous yarns to be lost.

Bad news this week, which has actually made me feel quite down, as well as not sleeping well this week. we had the MOT done on our car on Monday plus a service and it failed. Very 3 new tires and some welding (car was in the garae for the last 2 days) later and we've spent nearly £500 on the car this week. Think it might be time to get a new one.


Steph said...

Great socks. What didn't you like about knitting with the Tofutsies?

Tama said...

I am always worried that my yarn is going to get lost in the mail. I would be beside myself about now over that box of yarn!!

Spin off magazines always give me the bug to go spin yarn until there's no fiber left in the storage shed! LOL!!! They are really great for inspiration.

And I love the stash enhancements!! Gorgeous yarns!! I went over to Pam's site and from there found myself at an etsy store that I HAVE to stay away from!!! Don't go unless you have money to spend! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS fiber!!!

Tama said...

Hi, I got tagged so now it's your turn! Tell us 7 random things about yourself then pass the tag along to 7 others.

Barb W. said...

Anni: I agree with your comment on Tofutsies yarn. I have made four pair of socks with it. With each pair my dislike for this yarn increases. Yarn splits easily and more than one skein has been full of knots.
Two circs -- good for you. I have been trying to learn the magic loop method, but I am thinking that two circs is the better way to go.

Sarah said...

Great work on the lovely socks. I'm going to try two circs soon :o)

I love the Jitterbug to knit with too and the colours are amazing but I'm quite disappointed with how it's wearing. Be interested to hear how your daughter's socks fare.

RoxyK said...

Lovely yarn stash enhancement! Especially love the Manos del Urugay ;)