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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Another week has flown by. I must get back into posting more regurly. I keep thinking about it but just too tired by the time I've done everything else. I'm stuggling to keep up with my knitting forums too and I even cut down that to just two but one of those i've not been on for ages.

Yesterday and today have been club dyeing days. I've only got about 8 skeins to go now and I would have done them today but I was just fed up with skeining the yarn off the cones. I'm looking for an electric yarn skeiner. Anyone know of any good ones please let me know? I've done some research today and most of the ones I've found are in theUS and shipping and possibly custom charges will be horrific I expect.

On Saturday I got on the train at 8am and went to Swindon to meet up with a bout a dozen ladies from Crafty Yarns forum. Granny Smith had organised the meet up with help from some other Swindon ladies. We met in a village hall and GS provided us with a gorgeous lunch. We spent the afternoon knititng, spinning, chatting and laughing. There was a lot of laughin going on. I didn't knit much but I did do some spinning. For some strange and scary reason I was nominated as the spinning expert. Me? I've only spun for 2 months and I'm self taught so not sure much help I was but we had fun.

We had a little minimarket. I sold some stuff and there was BrightDyes and Yarn Yard stuff for sale too and some Yarnimals. I got another 5 stitchmarkers.

This is the rest of my purchases.

From left to right: Brightdyes alapaca/bfl, Yarnyard sock yarn, Yarn Yard BFL fibre and merino pencil roving which I immediately started spinning.
I also got this bag from Franney for some of my knitting accessories
and I won a book (Ethnic sock & Stockings) in a prize draw organised by ProbablyJane. Thank you for a gorgeous book Jane. I had my eyes on the new Cat Bordhi book but Franney beat me to it. And I'm very jealous but I love the Ethnic book. IT's gorgeous. been reading a lot already.
I attended a felting workshop last week at Spin a yarn in Bovey Tracey and made this piece of flat felt:
I loved it but it was hard work and I was in a lot of pain afterwards. I'm going back on Thursday for day 2 and i'm making a small bag. It's a full day this time (only half day last week) and I'm a bit worried whether or not I'll manage it. Don't think felting is somethign I will do regularly as it's a lot of hard work.
One of my favorite programmes, Spooks, is on in a minute so I'd better go. More pics of more goodies later.
But before I go, here's the yarn I spun from the red and purple singles in the previous post. Only about 20gr so need to spin some mor ebut got lots more left.
Some silk hankies from Fyberspates which I got for spinning. NOt spun from silk hankies before. Very interesting.


Tama said...

Your yarn turned out lovely! I haven't spun from a silk hanky before either so tell me how that goes. I have the Ethnic Socks book too! I love it.

Skein Queen said...

I'd love to find a supplier of a reasonably priced electric yarn skeiner too. Saw a second-hand one on ebay a while back, but it needed repairs (beyond me). Swindon sounded fun and your felting is beautiful.

Skein Queen x

Piglottie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day, but am hoping you feel better now.

I'm struggling to keep up with blogs and forums atm, as I'm just too busy irl. I must update my blog though before people think I've abandoned it altogether :)