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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Big sigh of relief

That's how I feel right now. The club parcels have finally all gone out, apart from the UK ones which are all packed up and will go out on Monday. I just couldn't subject the nice lady in the post office to more parcels than necessary. I've was flat out yesterday skeining, wrapping, printing patterns and packing parcels. It's amazing how long it all takes.

the house is chaos right now. We're decorating our lounge/diner which means that everything apart from TV, sofa & chairs and Welsh Dresser in dining room has been moved. The dining room table is in the kitchen, and as it's a bit too big for the kitchen we can hardly move around it. Everything else is in the hall way or spare room. I had to tidy up my wip basket in teh lounge and try to get it down to a smaller basket for my knitting, and a faux leather hat box for my spinning stuff. I did it, just. But now there are piles of knitting stuff and yarn in the bedroom to sort out.

There's not been too muc knitting going on for the last couple of days. Yesterday I didn't knit atall until the evening. Gave up parcel wrapping at 9pm and sat down to watch telly and knit. I was almost having withdrawal symptoms yesterday.

I've got so much knitting to get on with. I've got an order for several (think it's 7) scarves from my neighbour. All knitted in funky fur. Lovely!................ not. At least they're quick. I do garter stitch on 7mm needles.

I'm also working on 2 mag submissions which are top secret for now. And I was planning to d some Christmas knitting and I've got a scarf for Vanessa on the go and a gilet for Em which I keep promising I'll finish. Also got my PIF knitting to do. Got to start thinking about the Sockamania January socks too. Oh and don't forget the dozen or so other wips I've got otn.

I have had some recent stash enhancement. This arrived form the Woolly Workshop yesterday courtesy of a gift voucher I was given during the last Secret Santa swap on Crafty Yarns. The yarns are Fiesta Ballet (alpaca/tencel) at the top which is so gorgeous. If you like merino/tencel, this is even more scrummy. Why have I not discovered this yarn before? Why didn't anyone tell me how gorgeous it is?
And I got some Artesano Alpaca Hummingbird 4ply. It's gorgeous too. So soft and beautiful colours. The 4ply is a new yarn so ofcourse i had to try it. And I love it. Want to start knitting something with both of thse right now. Although they're sock yarn I think they may become something else.

And look at this scrumptious yarn from Violet Green. It's easicare Merino 4ply (same as my merino) and the colour is just so rich. It's quite a lot darker and more purple than the pic. In fact the pic is rubbish. Just love the colours.

The Fiesta Feet pattern from Lucy Neatby and Noro Silk Garden light were picked up in our local craft shop, Painters, which is expanding their knitting section after Christmas. Yeah.

Some stunning fibre popped through the letterbox last week. Llama Fibre and merino tencel from Spincerely Yours on Etsy.

llama fibre:merio tencel fibre:

Finally, I'm looking for a electric skein winder and winding yarn off cones into skeins takes forever. So far the onlly ones I can find are in the US. If you can recommend one, preferably in the UK please let me know.


Sarah said...

Wow - all go with you! Hope more knitting is possible over the weekend :)

I'm intrigued by the new Hummingbird 4ply - that's on my Christmas list now!

Tama said...

All of that beautiful yarn and fiber! OOOOOOOOO! :o) And in blues and greens. It sounds like you are very busy right now. I am too. Don't know if you have been to my blog lately--doesn't matter, I haven't been to my blog lately! Trying to get Christmas presents done so they can be mailed out in time. I always wait to long to start (LOL!)

KnitYoga said...

You sound frantically busy. Hope you can get more time soon to relax with your knitting. Lots of gorgeous new yarn acquisitions there! Thanks for your comments on my blog. :-)