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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New design and spinning

I'm not even going to start thinking about why I haven't posted since Saturday. No idea what I've been doing. I just never seem to manage to find time to come online as much anymore.

So let's get straight down to business. I'd like to introduce a new design. The pattern will be on Etsy as soon as I get time to list it.

The Celtic Knot Scarf

This was designed a few months ago but it's been kept a secret up to now. But it's now ready to be revealed. If you saw me at Allly Pally I was probably wearing it.

It's knitted in Handmaiden Lace Silk which is a gorgeous yarn. I loved knitting with it. I'm planning a larger rectangular shawl as well but that's a way off yet as I've not even started. Knit this scarf up in a silk yarn like I did or what about cashmere for ultimate luxury? Although it'll feel gorgeous in merino too. Mine was done in laceweight althouhg Handmaiden Lace Silk is not a very fine lace yarn. It can also be done in 4ply but may then be a little bigger and you may want to use slightly bigger needles.


Been spinning lots this week. These two singles are my own handyed merino. I tried plying these two colours but didn't like the result atall. And the pink is thinner than the green.

Also been working on these two. The purple is my onw hand dyed merino and the red is Touch Yarn handyed merino/silk roving and is gorgeous but a bit pricey. I've just started plying these two today.

I've also been spinning some silk roving. I decided not to dye it first. I was jsut too desperate to have a go spinning with it. But I'm going to dye some of it. I'm also spinning some undyed Shetland to go with it.

I dyed the rest of the BFL and Shetland merion i had. About 400gr of each. I was careful trying to keep them all separeta but at the end of the dyeing session I got them all muddled up and now don't have a clue what's what. There were a lot of experimenting going on and I'm happyish with hte result. Here's a bit of what I did.


Tama said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me. I love the scarf pattern that is really pretty! All of that fiber looks wonderful too. Have a great weekend!

psalm127 said...

I love the colors. Your spinning looks great. I just started learning how to spin. First time spinning was this last weekend 10Nov 07. I am having fun. Almost finished with second sock for Nov, just need to get the foot length(not bad for getting the yarn on the 8th and then I need to start and finish another shawl for a Christmas present.(Has to be mailed out of state) Oh well must go back to paying bills

blog-blethers said...

What a beautiful pattern, Anni!

LavenderSheep said...

I love my skein winder! It is a total life saver and definitely worth the investment. You will be amazed at how much faster everything is. Though, if you are winding lace make sure to wind a few rounds by hand before letting it go and I hand rewind all of my lace skeins just to make sure they won't break.

As for your fiber question in your post, BFL has more luster than other wools, so once it is dry it will look a little silkier than your other fiber.