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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Been busy

This last week has been incredibly busy. I've hardly stopped and on hte two days I did nothing, I was unable to do anything if I wanted to because of extreme pain. That happens to my neck/ back if I do too much. I've had hospital and dentis hapointments and Vanessa had orthodontist apointment to have impressions, xrays etc done for her braces, which will be fitted in about 3 weeks. We've been waiting for this for a long time and I think Vanessa is relieved to be finally getting braces. She has severely protruding teeth nad has frequently been teased about it and we'll all be relieved when the treatment is done.

I'm having a minor op tomorrow. Going in to have a hysteroscopy (taking a sample of the womb) and a coil fitted to treat my irregular and heavy periods which I've suffered from for 18 months now. Sometimes bleeding for months at a time. I'm not worried about the op but I'm not looking forward to the general anastethic as it makes me feel quite ill. Luckily this is a short op so I hope I'll be okay. Going in to hospital at 10 am and hope to be home by teatime.

Had hoped to show some mroe yarn pics today and update Etsy but althoug hsome yarns are ready and have been photographed, I've got too much to do to sort out Etsy and edit the pics tonight. I'll try to do it on Tuesday or WEdnesday. Got some sock yarns that need reskeining before they're listed too. So look out for Tuesday onwards as there should be quite a few new yarns in the shop.

I'm planning to have a big dyeing day on Tuesday/WEdnesday or Thursday too. Got quite a lot of lace and 4ply to do.

Girls break up from school on Tuesday. I've got mixed feelings about school hols. The weather has been awful lately so if it carries on, entertaining the kids will be more difficult if it's raining. They've also been fighting a lot lately. They both need a holiday though as they're both exhausted. And I'm looking forward to some lie-ins. Won't have to be ready to leave the house at 8.30am every day.

Knittingwise, I'm having a break from MS3 for a few days. I'm working on a new shawl design which I just love. Lots of beautiful lace and beads. It's going to be stunning. Two new sock designs, one is the Sockamania August pattern and some secret projects for a well know online store.


Linda said...

Take it easy after your proceedure Anni. Good luck for the school holidays too!

Piglottie said...

Anni it tires me out just reading your busy schedule! Take it easy hun, and I hope and pray everything goes well tomorrow *hugs*

Tama said...

I hope everything goes well!! I hate anesthetics as well!! I was sicker than a dog for three days and all they did was numb my arm area. I can't wait to see the pattern for August!!

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'm feeling fine now and the op went very well.