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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It all went well

The operation yesterday went really well. I was dreading the general anastethic as they make me feel quite ill and after my last op I was so ill that Isaid I was never having a general anastethic again unless it was essential. Of course that was quite a major and long operaiton on my spine. Yesterdays op was really quick. And I left hospital 2 hours after the op. Which took me completely by surprise. The Anesethist frightened me a bit by saying I was borderline suitability for a general anastethic as such a small hospital and I got the impression that she wasn't that keen on doing it so it was such a relief when Iwoke up in recovery andfelt fine. No sickness, felt a little woozy straigh away and a bit wobbly for a while. And a couple of hours after I got home I had to go to bed as Iwas so tired and had an early night last night too. Felt okay this morning but suddenly got hit by a wave of tiredness this afternoon.

Had planned a quite day today (the girls' last day of school) but instead I decided to do some yarn dyeing. Dyed a bit of everything: a few skeins of worsted, lace and sock yarn. And it was SUNNY which means most of the yarns are nearly dry. Too tired to take photos etc tonight though so watch out for an Etsy update tomorrow. Also got some yarns I dyed last week which will be reskeined and listed tomorrow too. The colours I dyed today were bright and cheerful. Finally managed to get some brighter lace yarns. I've found that the lace yarn form Uruguay seems to want to become pastel shades but got a lovely orange and some turquoise today and they're gorgeous .May do some mor edyeing tomorrow or Thursday.

And the summer holidays are here. I like the holidays and I hate them. It is nice having the girls at home as long as the weather is nice so they can get out every day and they behave themselves. If it's raining and they argue all hte time then it's a nightmare. I've got 4 weeks on my own with them until Simon's holiday starts then we have a week of Bible Week (our church's annual bible camp where Simon and the girls are camping, I'm not but more about that later). Then the week after that the girls are going camping with their grandparents for a week so Simon and I get a week to ourselves. We can't go away unfortunately as we're dogsitting that week.

Off for some blogsurfing now. Nite.


psalm127 said...

Glad to hear you things went well. Wow up and dying yarn all ready. Looking forward to seeing it.

franney said...

Good to hear that your op went well Anni, you take care of yourself it can take it out of you more than you think *hugs*